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Pam would later claim that Darlene had known other Zodiac victims, had witnessed murders, and was part of a satanic cult. While Tom Voigt claimed that Pam had identified Richard Gaikowski as the unidentified man in the photograph, her siblings had identified other men We cannot be sure if the Zodiac Killer knew Darlene Ferrin, but as Phillips 66 (a contributor to this site) stated Of course I think it is possible that she did not know her killer but that requires writing off a lot of things as coincidence and writing off a lot of people as liars or dramatists. It seems far more likely to me that she did. July 4th, 1969. The Zodiac Killer strikes at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, killing 22 year old Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin and seriously injuring 19 year old Michael Renault Mageau. Rest In Peace Darlene. I hope and pray that one day we can unmask the evil murderer that attacked on that day

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  1. Do you believe Darlene Ferrin knew Zodiac? Michael Mageau recalls Darlene acting odd in the final moments before her death. Her parents also reported that they received a phone call with nothing but breathing on the other end roughly an hour after her death
  2. Here's my hypothesis: Zodiac knew Darlene prior to her first marriage, back when she was Darlene Suennen and living with her parents. And he knew her well enough to have reason to memorize or otherwise keep the Jordan Street phone number. Back in 1998, Darlene's brother, Leo, claimed it was he who had made the calls
  3. g consensus among the investigators was that the Zodiac did not know his victims
  4. Details: Ferrin was married and worked as a waitress at Terry's Restaurant.Mageau was single and worked as a laborer. Ferrin's husband, Dean, was initially a suspect in the murder, however was ruled out once it was established he was working as a cook at Caesar's Restaurant at the time of the murder. Ferrin's first husband, James Phillips Crabtree, was also briefly a suspect
  5. Darlene Ferrin Myths: The Beginning. On the night of July 4, 1969, Darlene Ferrin and her friend Michael Mageau were both shot while sitting in a parked car at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California. Michael Mageau told police that the gunman had simply driven into the parking lot, exited his vehicle and then began firing a gun at.
  6. Darlene was a murder victim of The Zodiac Killer. This incividual Killer' terrorized Vallejo, California, and San Francisco, California, between 1969 to 1974. The Zodiac Killer who taunted police with encrypted letters was never caught. Daughter of Leo Suennen Jr. and Norma Jean Hightower. Wife of Arthur A. Ferrin
  7. Top Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen was known to his friends and family members as Lee. Could Allen be the unknown man whom Darlene's sisters claim delivered gifts, followed and harassed her in the months before her murder? Below is a portion of the official Ferrin-Mageau Vallejo Police Department report. Note the underlined entry

Robert Graysmith's best-selling book ZODIAC presented a largely fictional account of the unsolved case and perpetuated many myths regarding the life and death of Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin. Graysmith's book stated that Darlene had known the Zodiac and had been killed because she planned to report him to police We all know that Darlene Ferrin & Mike Mageau were shot at Blue Rock Springs on July 4, 1969. Darlene succumbed to her injuries, and Mike, dispite being shot several times, survived. On the night itself, we know that in the early hours of July 5th, at Approx. 12.40 a.m, the Zodiac phoned police to alert them to his handy work Huckaby, now of Redding, is the sister of Darlene Ferrin who, at 22, became one of the infamous Zodiac killer's first victims just after midnight on July 5 — 50 years ago this weekend, in the.

Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau were shot by the Zodiac in the same spot where the people are standing on July 4th,1969. Phone booth from where the Zodiac called the Vallejo Police Department to take responsibility for the Blue Rock Springs and Lake Herman Rd murders Ever since I first read Zodiac by Robert Graysmith last year I thought that this case centered around the man Darlene Ferrin knew. I know this case takes twists and turns after her death but I think she is the only one that truly knew who he was out of the victims and there's a theory that before she could say anything to the authorities she. Killed: Ferrin, July 5, 1969 (Saturday) Wounded: Mageau, July 5, 1969 (Saturday) Case number: 243146 Time of attack: Approximately 12:10 a.m. Place of attack: The parking lot of secluded Blue Rock Springs Park on the eastern outskirts of Vallejo, Calif. Method of attack: Darlene Ferrin, age 22, was shot five times. Mike Mageau, age 19, was shot four times. The weapon was a 9mm semi-automatic.

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  1. If the killer didn't know Darlene though, it would be a huge coincidence that those types of phone calls were received that night. Especially given the fact that others involved in the case reported the same types of phone calls, albeit years later though. Zodiac didn't make any physical contact with Darlene or Mike
  2. Darlene Ferrin was one of the confirmed victims of the Zodiac. Darlene Ferrin was shot by the Zodiac at Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo on July 4, 1969. Frank's Coffee Shop was listed in Darlene Ferrin's address book. Frank's Coffee Shop was located at 10 Geary Street in San Francisco
  3. Many of them are so convinced that it was ALA that they blithley and willfully ignore that there is a) absolutely NO physical evidence to connect ALA with the Zodiac's crimes; that b) there is absolutely NO incontrovertible, undeniable, verifiable evidence to suggest that Darlene Ferrin knew ALA personally; and that c) Darlene holds the keys.
  4. In 2010, a picture surfaced of known Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin and an unknown man who closely resembles the composite sketch, formed based on eyewitnesses' descriptions, of the Zodiac Killer. Police believe the photo was taken in San Francisco in the middle of 1966 or 1967
  5. 3. Zodiac's Mt. Diablo map was made by Phillips 66. James Phillips married Darlene in 1966. 4. He was interested in astrology and cryptology. 5. Mike Mageau said that the shooter had a car like Darlene's. Darlene's car was a brown 1963 Corvair. James's car was a brown 1963 Corvair

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Darlene Ferrin was the first of the Zodiac Killer's victims to not be a teenager, although she was only 22 years old. She was a married mother who worked as a waitress in Vallejo. On July 4 th 1969, American Independence Day, Darlene picked up her friend Michael Mageau and drove them to Blue Rocks Spring Park Less than seven months later in the early morning hours of July 5, 1969, Darlene Ferrin, 22, and Mike Mageau, 19, were shot multiple times while sitting in Ferrin's car at the Blue Rock Springs. Zodiac: (Things We Know) July 4, 1969: Darlene Ferrin, 22, and Mike Mageau, 19, are each shot several times with a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol while parked in Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo. Ferrin dies, but Mageau lives to provide a description of their assailant. That same night, a man called the Vallejo Police Department, identifying. Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin - Born: 1947; Died: 1968 (Age: 22). Michael Renault Mageau - SURVIVED and still alive. Attacked at age 19. On the 4th of July, Darlene's husband, Dean, asked her to go out and get fireworks; that him and his friend would return around midnight and to have them by then. Dean left. He would never see Darlene alive again Darlene Ferrin was twenty-two years old, a wife, a young mother who worked for a living and enjoyed life. Her husband Dean described his wife as vivacious and popular. She was well liked... She was just outward, outgoing, and happy.. On the night of July 4th, 1969, Darlene had gone out to get fireworks to celebrate Independence Day when.

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Starliper did it in two sessions — one that was six hours long and another where he spent three hours on it. According to the Patch: According to Robert Graysmith, in Zodiac tips received by police after Darlene Ferrin's murder indicated that the killing was connected to the U.S. Virgin Islands The rest follows the same pattern as above - the Zodiac Killer leaves, returns, and delivers the final 4 shots. This article explains the movements of the killer that night, his account in the Debut of Zodiac letter, the nine shots fired and the nine entry wounds and seven exit wounds detailed in Darlene Ferrin's autopsy report Kane wore dark, thick-rimmed glasses that were similar to the ones the Zodiac Killer was described as wearing. According to a website that follows the case, victim Darlene Ferrin's sister recognized him as the man who was stalking her sister before her death. Another possible victim allegedly stated that Kane was her abductor

Kenney says Myers worked as a bus boy at Terry's restaurant in Vallejo and so did Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin. The third connection Kenney mentioned is that a military-style boot print was found. On July 4, 1969, Michael Renault Mageau, 19, and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, 22, were in the parking lot of Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo - 4 miles from the first crime scene - when they were.

In the 2007 movie, victim Darlene Ferrin's sister Linda also identified a photo of Allen as the man she said had stalked her sister. According to the film, police were closing in when Allen died Kane was a Navy veteran who studied cryptography. Kane, who died in 2010, was accused by the sister of Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin of following Darlene in the months before her murder. Kane was arrested in Redwood City, California in August 1968, just four months before Zodiac's first San Francisco Bay murders He and Darlene Ferrin were parked at a well known lover's lane when the killer blocked them in, blinded them with a flashlight, then shot and killed Ferrin. Mageau had been seriously injured but lived. After several of his murders, the killer sent ciphers — encoded messages — to newspapers and police, saying that the messages would reveal.

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  1. Zodiac (2007) Ciara Moriarty as Darlene Ferrin. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Event
  2. Horan onApr 28, 2015 at 3:10pm. In August 1969, just before he was released from the hospital and went into hiding, Mike Mageau granted Dave Peterson an interview published in the Vallejo Times Herald. In that interview, Mike changed a few elements of his story in an apparent corroboration of the first two Zodiac letters
  3. Did she find out who'd killed Cheri Jo through Kane? From the notable film noir- Out ot the Past wtih Greer and Mitchum. All other photos are the author's, unless otherwise credited; Norma Ferrin, ne Hichtoer or Hightower- Darlene's Mom: born New Orleans. Did she think it may have been 'The Black Hand'
  4. Darlene Ferrin (22) and her friend Michael Mageau (19) had driven to the Blue Rock Springs Park where Darlene parked her Corvair in the parking lot. Shortly after, another car pulled up and the occupants were laughing and setting off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. The other car soon drove off

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This Eccentric Academic Thinks the Zodiac Killer Is a Hoax. And he's hated by the subculture of amateur sleuths who won't give up trying to figure out the killer's identity. In the fall of 1969, seven-year-old David asked his father why police cars had been following his school bus every day for a couple of weeks Michael Butterfield: Darlene Ferrin is like the Laura Palmer of the Zodiac case. Laura Palmer was the victim in the famous TV series Twin Peaks, and of course, in that series, it was a very complicated murder story. Her background had a lot to do with what was going on. But, I think that's what people wanted to believe with Darlene Ferrin

Re: Did Richard Marshall know Darlene Ferrin? by pathfinder » Thu Apr 23, 2020 11:37 pm On April 7, 1972 , Isobel Watson , a thirty-three-year-old legal secretary in San Francisco, got off the bus in Tamalpias and began walking up Pine Hill (2) The prime characteristic feature of the Zodiac killer was the pair of heavy glasses that he wore. (3) The first attack of the Zodiac killer was on a couple in their teens named David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen. He killed them both on the night of December 20, 1968 on Lake Herman Road in Benicia, California. Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau (4) Seven months later the killer attacked again

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Darlene Ferrin had worked at the International House of Pancakes on Tennessee Street, Vallejo, situated about one block, or short walking distance from the Arthur Leigh Allen residence at 32 Fresno St. A police report at the time highlighted that somebody by the name of 'Lee' was apparently often seen in the company of Darlene Ferrin __ Just before midnight on July 4, 1969, Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin (22-year-old) and Michael Mageau (19-year-old) drove into the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, four miles from the Lake Herman Road murder site, and parked. Ferrin worked as a waitress at Terry's Restaurant and Mageau was single and worked as a laborer The family was living in Orange County when she accompanied her father on a trip to Vallejo on July 4, 1969 — the day Darlene Ferrin was fatally shot and Michael Mageau was wounded In the opening scene depicting the second Zodiac killing— the 1969 murder of Darlene Ferrin (played by Ciara Moriarty), also resulting in the serious injury of her friend Michael Mageau (the young version is played by Lee Norris, of Boy Meets World fame), who survived the attack— there are several details that are secondary to any of the.

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No. I'm inclined to believe Thomas Henry Horan's theory that there was no Zodiac killer. When you strip out the drama and intrigue of the books and movies and look at things a bit more rationally, it's the most likely explanation. Basically, he co.. A look at encountering Michael Mageau, and an introduction to why this might be the most significant attack of all. - Luister direct op jouw tablet, telefoon of browser naar Introduction - Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau van Zodiac Speaking - geen downloads nodig Darlene Ferrin, Her husband in the uniform, and ? Where Darlene Worked. Just found out the unknown man is her first husband, looking at the sketch of the Zodiac and him it looks similar, he was a suspect at one time The Attack on Michael MAgeau and Darlene Ferrin. You can say that the attack on Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin on 4th of July, 1969 is what took a pair of murders and turned them into one of the most famous set of killings ever. We look at the two victims, and what we'll be looking at in the coming episodes, starting in late May. Lyssna igen. The Zodiac did not claim the 1966 and 1968 murders - in fact the first Zodiac letter did not appear until July 11, 1969 after the murder of Darlene Ferrin on July 5, 1969. The Zodiac letters had no problem claiming specific victims; yet one letter claimed he had killed 37 people, failing to identify 31 of them

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Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin's husband was stationed at the Presidio. I learned during my research that Satanic garb was found in her home. Darlene and her husband lived in the same building complex as Paul Stine, who was another Zodiac victim. Bad men like Michael Aquino know how to cover their tracks, and that's what I believe happened The Zodiac Killer's confirmed victims were 17-year-old David Farrady, 16-year-old Betty Lou Jensen, 22-year-old Darlene Ferrin, 22-year-old Cecilia Shephard and 29-year-old Paul Stine. The five.

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Then Gaikowski moved from California to Albany, New York soon after Darlene Ferrin, a Zodiac victim, moved the same way. Gaikowski worked as a journalist in the same building as Ferrin's husband, although they worked for different newspapers. An unknown man attended the funeral of Paul Stine, which Stine's sister noticed Shining a bright light in their eyes, Zodiac opened fire on 22 year old Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, and 19 year old Michael Renault Mageau. Mageau survived his wounds but his description of the killer was only that he was a stocky middle-aged white man Mageau became nervous, but Ferrin seemed to know the other driver and reassured him, saying, Don't worry about it. Ten minutes later, a bright light shone on them and without warning a man appeared and opened fire. Ferrin was hit 9 times and died at the scene Not sure who caresut is, meaning I don´t know if he/she is a relative of Darlene Ferrin? Maybe somone else here know? The proof should be the pictures I have posted showing the same person as in that picture, he even has on long baggy pants, standing very much the same way

Darlene Ferrin was killed, she had been shot in the chest four times. He signed them off with a circle containing a cross, the symbol of the zodiac. The papers did as they were asked and printed the three letters containing the cryptogram, only withholding the threat to go on a murderous rampage as they didn't wish to cause an unnecessary. I'm not sure whether you're asking why people confessed to being the Zodiac Killer or why a number of people claimed to have figured out who was the Zodiac Killer. In most notorious murder cases mentally ill people come forward to confess to crime.. Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau Ferrin (22) and Mageau (19) were attacked in Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, about four miles from the Lake Herman Road murders, just over six months later. Driving Ferrin's car, they parked just before midnight on Friday 4 th July, and shortly afterwards another vehicle appeared, briefly parked next to. ***Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin were shot by the Zodiac Killer on July 4, 1969 in Vallejo, California. Darlene died as a result of her injuries. Mageau survived, though badly wounded. We cannot confirm where Davis was on the 4th although it is believed that he was seen at Spahn Ranch, nearly 400 miles south of where Mageau/Ferrin were.

How many people did the Zodiac claim to have murdered? In his letters, the Zodiac serial killer claimed to have murdered 37 people. However, there are only five known victims: David Faraday (17), Betty Lou Jensen (16), Darlene Ferrin (22), Cecelia Shepard (22), and Paul Stine (29) There were several things that matched in William Joseph Grant to the known Zodiac traits but the more I read on, the more the three young men interested me who had been at a paint party where Darlene had been with friends, Darlene had got nervous about one of these guys and it got me thinking, did Joseph James DeAngelo possibly know William Joseph Grant, could there be a connection so down. These included victim Darlene Ferrin's blue floral jumpsuit and survivor Mike Mageau's actual July 4th ensemble, which included wearing three pairs of pants, four sweaters, a wool shirt, and a. Zodiac Killer Did You Know? The Zodiac Killer cipher was decoded by a high school teacher and his wife. Darlene Ferrin, age 22, and her boyfriend, Mike Mageau, age 19, were sitting in parked.

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Currently, the most accepted suspect for the Zodiac Killer is Arthur Leigh Allen. He was the main suspect in the case and the one the police mainly focused on. He looks very similar to the sketches that witnesses described. Allen had also received.. The first victims of the Zodiac Killer were shot while parked in a car on a date — David Faraday in the head, Betty Lou Jensen in the back while trying to escape — in the city of Benicia north of the Golden Gate Bridge, as the Hindustan Times explains. The next victims, Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin, were shot in almost the exact same fashion on July 4th, while parked in a car in Blue. The second victim, Darlene Ferrin, had a sister who claims that Kane had been harassing Darlene until the day of her attack. Kane also lived near the victims and/or the locations of the attacks. Kane moved to Lake Tahoe in 1970. In that same year, a possible victim of the Zodiac named Donna Lass went missing. She worked at the same hotel as Kane

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Michael Renault Mageau, 19, and Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin, 22: shot on July 4, 1969, in the parking lot of Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo. While Mageau survived the attack, Ferrin was pronounced dead on arrival at Kaiser Foundation Hospital If Zodiac were to commit his crimes today in the same manner that he did then my answer would be almost certainly. There are however active serial killers today who have not been apprehended. A couple of things that would stack the odds against hi..

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People who know Crabtree have said that he is bitter about Darlene to this day and several of them have said they believe he probably killed her. All of which proves zip. By far, the worst, sloppiest, laziest investigation of all of these murders was VPD's investigation of the Ferrin murder 1. A serial killer was responsible for the murders of at least five (or six) young people in California in the late 1960s: David Faraday, Betty Lou Jensen, Darlene Ferrin, Paul Stine, (Cheri Jo Bates), and wounding at least two others: Mike Mageau, and Bryan Hartnell. 2

Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau were attacked on July 4, 1969 by a man who later claimed to be the Zodiac. Ferrin was shot to death to become the Zodiac's third victim. Ferrin's sister, Pam Huckaby, came forward after the release of Lafferty's book and claimed that Lafferty showed her a photo of the man he discusses and she recognized him. The Zodiac then remained inactive until July 4 the following year, when he shot another couple, Michael Mageau, 19, and Darlene Ferrin, 22, while they were seated in a parked car on the parking lot of the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo Subject: Re: I was once a roommate of the Zodiac Killer Roommate was Jim Crabtree Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:46 am: Was she a good friend? Wouldn't the family members know her? According to the report, JC's wife about 2 months pregnant, that wouldn't show much would it? Yes, I'm an ignoramus

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In Darlene Ferrin's phonebook, page 3, a Susan Alexander has the adress 1819 Oak Street in San Francisco. Darlene's x-husband Jim Crabtree has claimed that he grew up with Susan Alexander, true or not? I don't know. Some researchers claim that Darlene Ferrin lived at this adress, true or not? I don't know Michael Renault Mageau and Darlene Ferrin were shot in the parking lot at Blue Rock Springs Park on July 4th 1969. The killer shone a flashlight in their faces before opening fire. Darlene was killed in the attack and Michael survived so was able to give police a description of the shooter Kane often used aliases and fake birthdays. He was also very secretive about his dealings, even his neighbors didn't know what he did. Kane traded cars 5 days after Darlene Ferrin was killed where she and surviving victim Michael Mageau saw Zodiac's car. From the year of the Zodiac's first killing date 1968 to 1979 Kane managed to mostly stay. The Zodiac killer discussion board, Learn about the Zodiac KIller Discussion of Zodiac Victims Ferrin & Mageau. 20 posts • Page 1 of 2 • 1, 2. I know Darlene had a lot of friends, and a lot of people assumed they were all boyfriends, but that doesn't mean anything. BillRobiso

Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau were the Zodiac Killer's 3rd and 4th Victims. On July 4, 1968, the Zodiac Killer successfully killed one more victim and injured another, without getting caught According to police, it was just before midnight on July 4, 1969, that Darleen Ferrin, 22, and Michael Mageau, 19, stopped at a park just four miles from the scene of the first killings. The couple were sitting inside Ferrin's car when they were shot multiple times 1. Where was Zodiac's first confirmed crime? 2. On July 4, 1969, Mike Mageau and Darlene Ferrin headed to Blue Rock Springs, a local lovers lane, when they were brutally attacked. Darlene Ferrin died shortly after the shooting, but Mike Mageau survived The Zodiac Killer mystery officially begins on December 20,1968 when two young high school students were killed on a dark and lonely road outside of Vallejo, California. 17 year old David Faraday, and his 16 year old date, Betty Lou Jensen were brutally gunned down on Lake Herman Rd. Their murders shocked their community, and [ His sin was overwhelming for mom, and ruin my sister. Blue Rock Springs murder Just before midnight on July 4th 1969, Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau drove into the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, four miles (6.4 km) from the Lake Herman Road murder site, and parked

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The incidences confirmed to be that of the Zodiac Killer are the following: Shooting on December 20, 1968: The shootings, resulting in the deaths of David Faraday, 17, and Betty Lou Jensen, 16, are confirmed to be that of the Zodiac Killer. Shooting on July 4, 1969: The shootings of Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin are that of the Zodiac After the first couple's murder, the Zodiac Killer struck again in Blue Rock Spring Park on July 4, 1969. Reports said that Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin had parked in the area as another car pulled up beside theirs only to drive off. However, the vehicle returned ten minutes later, and the driver came out, wielding a flashlight and a gun There were no signs of robbery or rape. The second couple to be attacked were Michael Mageau, who survived, and Darlene Ferrin. They were shot at point blank range while enjoying the fourth of July, 1969 evening, sitting in Ferrin's parked car in a park on the Columbus Parkway, the location of which was reported to the Vallejo police the same night in a cryptic phone call Post by Admin Horan onMay 8, 2015 at 10:40am. Warren was named by Darlene Ferrin's girlfriend Bobbie Ramos as a possible lover of Darlene's. On the night of July 20, 1969, Donald Warren Porter was arrested by Ben Villareal and booked by John Lynch for Darlene's murder. It seems likely that Porter was being framed—either by Villareal, or by. The Best Arguments That Arthur Leigh Allen Was The Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac killer is an unknown murderer who terrorized northern California in the 1960s and 1970s, primarily targeting couples parked at lovers' lanes. He communicated regularly with the police and media, sometimes through cyphers. One of the main suspects police liked for the.