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The Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications is an index to Confederate soldiers and widows who filed for a pension in Tennessee. The names include many individuals who did not serve in Tennessee units, but who later lived in Tennessee at the time he or she applied for the pension African American (Colored) Confederate Pension Applications: County Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications: Employment Rolls and Nonpayment Rolls of Negroes Employed in the Defenses of Nashville, Tennessee, 1862-1863: Members of the Confederate Relief and Historical Association of Memphi Digital images of pension applications filed by Confederate veterans and their widows. Tennessee began granting pensions to resident Confederate veterans in 1891 and to their widows in 1905

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  1. This collection consists of digital images of pension applications filed by Confederate veterans and their widows. The records cover the years 1891 to 1965. Tennessee began granting pensions to resident Confederate veterans in 1891 and to their widows in 1905
  2. This database is an index to approximately 28,000 individuals who applied for Civil War Confederate pensions in Tennessee. These pension applicants were either Confederate soldiers or the widows of deceased soldiers. Information found in this index includes the applicant's name, county of residence at the time of application, whether soldier or.
  3. Tennessee Confederate Pensions Book Description : This book contains a complete list of every person, soldier and widows, who received a Confederate pension from the state of Tennessee, Each entry contains the soldier's name, county the person was living in, unit, and pension number and, if applicable, the widow's name and pension number

In 1891, Tennessee began granting pensions to indigent Confederate veterans; and, in 1905 began granting pensions to their widows. There are three lists associated with the Confederate Pensions; the soldiers' roll, the widows' roll, and the African-American soldiers' roll Alabama Confederate Pension and Service Records, 1862-1947 (at Ancestry.com) ARKANSAS Arkansas State Archives. 1 Capitol Mall. Little Rock, AR 72201. Telephone: 501-682-6900 In 1891 Arkansas began granting pensions to indigent Confederate veterans. In 1915 the State began granting pensions to their widows and mothers Tennessee Confederate Pensions. Arthur Wyllie. Lulu.com, Jun 13, 2014 - 582 pages. 0 Reviews. This book contains a complete list of every person, soldier and widows, who received a Confederate pension from the state of Tennessee, Each entry contains the soldier's name, county the person was living in, unit, and pension number and, if applicable. Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. 38,393 records. The original soldier application lists the veteran's place of enlistment, unit, period of service, battles participated in, and whether he was wounded or captured, as well as place of birth, number and gender of children, and value of personal and real property

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  2. Tennessee. Father's Application and Misc. Benton County. Joseph Alsup (hosted at USGenWeb Archives Pension Project Civil War ) Invalid Application and Misc. Bradley County. Robert C. Duggan (hosted at USGenWeb Archives Pension Project Civil War ) Campbell County. James Gaylor (hosted at USGenWeb Archives Pension Project Civil War

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Confederate pension applications, 1891-1936. On April 1, 1891, with the passage of Act 91, Arkansas became one of the first southern states to grant annual pensions to Ex-confederate servicemen and their widows. Arkansas and other states, by common consent, had agreed that pensions for C.S.A. service would be granted by the state in which the. Confederate veterans, who served in the military before the Civil War, or with the United States Army after their Confederate service, were eligible to receive pensions from the federal government. For information on these pensions and related indexes, see the following reference reports Confederate Pensioners of Tennessee In 1891 Tennessee established the Board of Pension Examiners to determine if Confederate veterans applying for pensions were eligible. Eligibility requirements included an inability to support oneself, honorable separation from the service, and residence in the state for one year prior to applicatio The State of Tennessee granted about 300 pensions to Confederate veterans and widows who lived in Montgomery County. Tennessee pension records are preserved at the Tennessee State Library and Archives and include both military and family history information. To see a list of Montgomery County pensioners at TSLA's web site, click on the link below

Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications, Soldiers and

  1. Tennessee Department of State: Tennessee State Library and Archives. For the Public. Research & Collections. Online Exhibits. Order Materials. Preserving Family Collections. TSLA Catalog. Government Publications. Visitor's Guide
  2. Confederate Pensions and the Oath of Allegiance. Researching Civil War Records & Ancestry. 4. Jun 13, 2020. Help us find this area near/on West Confederate Ave. Gettysburg. 2. Yesterday at 3:24 PM. Confederate Circle, Historic Gallatin City Cemetery, Gallatin, Tennessee
  3. Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. Tennessee State Library (1964), revised and updated by Samuel Sistler (1995). Paperback, (1964), revised and reprinted 1995, 2nd reprinting 2014, Appendix, Index, 406 pp. Contains more than 28,000 files, many of which include the names of the wife
  4. Civil War (1861-1865) [ To order Confederate pension file itself, use area on form under Military Records on Microfilm ] [$5.00 - Tennessee Resident] Tennessee Civil War soldier's questionnaire (mostly Confederate). You must supply the name and unit. To searc
  5. WIDOW: Foster, Tennessee Josephine PENSION #: W9436 COUNTY: Warren: NAME: Foster, Joe (African-American) PENSION #: C277 COUNTY: Hickman UNIT: 9th Cav. NAME: Foster, John A. TENNESSEE CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS: Home Page Tennessee Database Links. Send E-mail to Teresa Shamburg Hil

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Pension application files are typically one sheet of paper with writing on both sides. Also available are Confederate Home applications and inmate records for veterans (1909-1957), and applications of wives, widows, sisters, and daughters (1925-1955). In 1891 Tennessee began granting pensions to indigent Confederate veterans TENNESSEE CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATIONS SOLDIERS AND WIDOWS I am in the process of scanning the many pages of Pension Applications related to the surnames I am researching, this may take some time to complete. Check back often. I hope to add a few more each week At the start of the war eleven southern states seceded from the Union. After the war those former Confederate states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia all offered pensions to the Confederate veterans living within their borders. However, most didn't offer them until at least the late 1880s (more than.


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Soldier's Application for Pension. John Waverly Smith a native of the State of Virginia and a citizen of Tennessee, at Grand Junction in the county of Hardeman in said State of Tennessee, and who was a soldier from the State of Tennessee , in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under the Act of. Sadler, William Scantland Capt. The Civil War accounts of Capt. William S. Sadler. Scott, Col. Robert N. The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1887. State of Tennessee - Confederate Government. Pension records of John G. Troop. 1901. Souleles, Lee Ann. Captain William Scantland. Soldier's Application for Pension. Marion Skipwith Smith a native of the State of Virginia and a citizen of Tennessee, at Grand Junction in the county of Hardeman in said State of Tennessee, and who was a soldier from the State of Tennessee , in the war between the United States and the Confederate States, do hereby apply for aid under the Act. Confederate pension applications: soldiers and widows, 1891- ca. 1965 (Tennessee. Board of Pension Examiners) Family History Library Disapproved Pension Applications of Civil War and Later Navy Veterans (Navy Survivors' Originals), 1861-1910 Fold

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The last person to receive a pension from the American Civil War has died. Irene Triplett had collected a $73.13 check every month — a century and a half after the war ended — up until Confederate Civil War Pensioners Chester County was not formed until after the Civil War was over. The men who fought in the war were from surrounding counties. These are the men and/or their wives who filed for pensions

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It was capiured at Island No. 10 April , 1862 released at Vieksburg, Miss., in September, 1862, and de- clared exchunged at Aiken's Landing, Va., November 10, 1862 The regiment was called the 40th Regiment Tennessee Infantry and Walker's Regiment Volunteers, but was ofticially designated the 5th Reximent Confederate Infantry by S. O. No. 45, A. Tennessee Department of State Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. Beginning in 1891 the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners determined eligibility by each soldier's (1) inability to support oneself, (2) honorable separation from the service, and (3) residence in the state for one year prior to application The pension file for one of my ancestors contains his parole pass from Appomattox. The states which issued Confederate pensions are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. There are published indexes for some of the state's pension.

COVINGTON, Tenn. - The Special Investigations Section of the Tennessee Department of Revenue conducted the investigation that led to the guilty plea on July 16, 2021, of Martin McDivitt, age 54, to tax evasion, criminal simulation, and theft Confederate pensions are indexed at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries website libraries.ok.gov. The Research Center holds the microfilmed Oklahoma Confederate pensions. In addition to Oklahoma, the Research Center has printed indexes for Confederate pensions granted by Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. Some o At least four widows of veterans of the American Civil War (fought 1861-1865) are known to have survived into the 21st century.All were born in the 20th century and married their husbands while the women were still young and the men were in advanced age. This practice was not uncommon at the time due to the possibility of receiving pensions as dependents of Civil War veterans; the pensions. Civil War Centennial Commission. Tennesseans in the Civil War: A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters of Personnel. 1964. Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Vol. III, 1959. U. S. Government. Military and pension records of Nathan A. Spurlin. 1864-1913. Tenth Infantry. U. S. Government

Confederate Pension Applications Overview This collection consists of pension applications and amended applications filed by resident Virginians who served in the Confederate military and their widows, as well as more than 500 enslaved and free Blacks who labored as cooks, herdsmen, laborers, servants, or teamsters Following the Civil War, pensions were initially granted under the General Law enacted on 22 July 1861 in an effort to recruit volunteers, and later expanded on 14 July 1862 as An Act to Grant Pensions, which provided pensions for soldiers with war-related disabilities, and for widows, children under sixteen years of age, and dependent relatives of soldiers who died in military service Widows Pension Civil War Files - No Pension Found: Job (Jobe) ROAM Enlisted 1861 in Overton County, Tennessee Oliver Hamiltons Battalion Died Oct 13, 1914 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Contributed by: Barbara Smith : David Leander SELLS. Co. D 3rd Reg. Ky Vol. Inf. and Ky 9th Tenn Cav

Tennessee . Civil War in Franklin County, TN Confederate Units from Gibson County, Tennessee Tennessee Colored Pension Applications for CSA Service Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications 1st Tennessee Infantry 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry Volunteers 2nd Tennessee Infantry 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, US The granting of pensions for military service presented unique problems to the ex-Confederate states and the federal government after the Civil War. Before the war, small annual pensions and land grants had been given to qualifying veterans of the U.S. military who had served in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War. What originally began as limited payments to former. Civil War - Cavalry/Infantry/Platoon Lists Civil War Timeline. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. The Battle of Stones River. More on Stones River. Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. Stones River National Cemetery Burial Database. Colonol John Donaldson's Company. Civil War - Photos of the Nashville Battlefield in the 1800 43. Tennessee in the Civil War Part 1 - 2. 44. Tennessee Veterans and Widow Pension Book. 45. Tennessee Wills and Administrations (1779 - 1861) 46. Tennessee's War. 47. The Loyal Mountaineers of Tennessee. 48. The Tennesseans. 49. The Tennessee Brigade. 50. The Tennessee Locator. 51. Tennessee Civil War Veteran Questionnaires (5 volumes with. With over 186,000 Confederate and approximately 31,000 Federal forces from Tennessee, a wealth of information was captured, recorded, and is available through a variety of documents housed in various collections. Often, when researchers delve into the Civil War compiled service records, they are disappointed with the lack of detailed information

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[Unidentified Civil War veterans at a reunion, Winchester, Tennessee] 1 photograph : gelatin silver print ; image 15 x 21 cm, mat 28 x 34 cm. | Photograph shows portrait of Confederate veterans. Date: 190 Sometime after 1880 Stephen and Nancy moved to Huntington,Carroll County, Tennessee. In 1905 Stephen applied for a Confederate pension, which was granted to him. He gave the following written statement: I was a Confederate soldier, Company E, 31st Tennessee Infantry that enlisted (in) the service September 1861 and served through the war

Calvin Shedd letters. Acadians in Gray POWs. Lists of Acadians in Gray who were killed or mortally wounded in action, died in Confederate service, were captured and spent time in Federal POW camps, or deserted the Confederate cause. Ohio Prisoners at Andersonville, Ga., and Salisbury, N.C., Prisons, 1864. A - B C - F G - I K - M N - S T - W N.S. applied for and was granted a soldiers pension from the State of Tennessee (S486), August 14, 1899, he had also applied for state pension in 1893. Confederate veteran N. S. Lindsey died on November 18, 1913 and is buried at Grove Springs Cemetery, Chester County, Tennesse. Written by Scott Busenbar

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The Confederate Pension Applications Collection consists of alphabetically arranged pension applications for pensions that were granted to veterans and widows beginning in 1898, and are recorded on 152 reels of microfilm. This index contains over 49,000 names that were included in the applications submitted to the Board of Pension Commissioners Confederate pension records, advertisements in the Confederate Vet-eran, and intensive follow-ups on the questionnaires received, he eventually collected the bulk of the 1,648 questionnaires making up the Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. Both Dyer and Moore were highly conservative, southern paternalists who believed. Tennessee Confederate Soldier's & Widow's Pension Index T Tennessee Confederate Soldier's Home ennessee Confederate Physicians Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires General Sources: Tennesseans in the Civil War is a two volume set that was originally published during the Civil War Centennial Missouri, Confederate Pension Applications and Soldiers Home Applications, 1911-1938 at FamilySearch. North Carolina, Confederate Soldiers and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-1953 at FamilySearch. Oklahoma Confederate Pension Records Index. South Carolina Confederate Pension Applications. Tennessee Confederate Pension Application Although the Civil War injured or killed tens of thousands of North Carolinians, not until after Reconstruction did the state begin to pass broad pension laws to provide for crippled ex-Confederate soldiers and the widows of deceased veterans. In 1879 the legislature passed a law granting $60 per year to Civil War veterans who had lost both arms or both legs or were totally blind

Transcriptions are provided for pension applications filed by Revolutionary War soldiers serving in the Southern Campaigns. Rosters are also included, as available. All site documents are indexed and simultaneously searchable Stewarts of Putnam County, Tennessee Henry R Stewart Civil War Pension II Henry was born 10 Dec 1843, the third child of Harrison and Sarah (Brown) Stewart. In his pension application, Henry states that he was born in Double Springs, Jackson County, Tennessee. On 31 December 1863 at Carthage, Tennessee, Henry enlisted in the Union Army as a. Tennessee Confederate Records. C i v i l W a r - C o n f e d e r a t e R e c o r d s. TENNESSEE: From: The Confederate Veteran, Vol. XVI, 1908, p. 345. Russell's 12th Tennessee Infantry, Company H. Killed: Captain B. H. Sandeford. From: Sequatchie Valley Soldiers in the Civil War by Jerry Blevins, Oct. 1990; p. 232: (1-6

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On Sunday May 31, Irene Triplett, the last person receiving a pension from the U.S. Civil War, died at the age of 90 following complications from surgery, according to the Wilkesboro, North Carolina nursing facility where Triplett lived. Before her death Triplett continued to receive $73.13 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs—nearly 155 years after the bullets stopped Saturday, June 22nd: Two Confederate grave marker ceremonies. 3495 Davis Mill Road, Thurston Family Cemetery, Goochland, VA. Contact is James Waldrop, cell 804-513-9747. Honor Guard will be provided by Mr Frank Yates, and the William Latane SCV camp. Many relatives expected, should be a nice turnout Still Paying a Civil War Pension More Federal troops gather in front of the Appomattox Court House near the time of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender to Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in. THE NEGRO'S CIVIL WAR IN TENNESSEE, 1861-1865 Bobby L. Lovett The State of Tennessee approved the Ordinance of Secession on June 8, 1861, and the Confederate States of America's flag was raised over the capitol at Nashville on June 16, 1861.1 Little did these white Tennesseans2 know that their action would be reversed by th

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At the beginning of the Civil War, the United States had been paying limited pensions to some 10,700 veterans and widows of previous American wars, totaling about $1 million per year and declining steadily each year. As a result of the law of 1862, the U.S. veterans pension list had swelled by the end of the war to 127,000 people, with spending. by Willie L. Robinson. Hello, and welcome to Tennessee Colored Pension Application for CSA Service.The purpose of this website is to provide the names of African-Americans, mostly former slaves, who applied for pensions in Tennessee claiming to have served with the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.The names were compiled by John V. Brogden using sources at the.

The last American to collect a Civil War pension - $73.13 a month - has just died . Author: Ian Shapira, one in North Carolina and one in Tennessee - each for $876 per year Michael.Phillips@wsj.com. June 2, 2020 7:40 pm ET. Print. Text. Irene Triplett, the last person receiving a pension from the U.S. Civil War, has died at the age of 90. Ms. Triplett's father. Civil War veteran John P. Funk of 43rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment in uniform with United Confederate Veteran medal and Chaplain's Cross pin / W.G. Thuss. United States, ca. 1920. United States, ca. 1920 Tennesseans in the Civil War - Part II - 1965, (Civil War Centennial Commission; Nashville, Tennessee - 1965). Fulton County Pension Applications - Vol.2 - Widow's, (Fulton County, Kentucky Court Clerk's Office). Kentucky Death Records - 1911-2000, Certificate 27339. Lucas-Lowe Funeral Home Records Also known as the Civil War and Later Navy Survivors' Certificates, this series of images consists of approximately 26,000 approved pension application files of US Navy veterans who served between 1861 and 1910. Prior to approval, applications were termed originals; once approved, a new file number was issued and they were called.

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Confederate Pension Application of Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. Part 1. I was recently informed by a new found cousin of mine Vickie, that our grand father Andrew Jackson Smith Sr. was a veteran of the War Between the States. She mentioned that he had filed for a war pension and that it was rejected. I have since then ordered a copy of that record The GAR formed after the Civil War and was responsible for veterans getting pensions and benefits. It is a bit more of a challenge to do this work to register Union Civil War soldiers in. Revolutionary War Pensions; Description: Date: Submitter: Armstrong, Thomas: Oct 2005: Joy Fisher: Brandon, Josiah: Oct 2005: Joy Fisher: Gibson, Joh The SCV is the direct heir of the United Confederate Veterans, and the oldest hereditary organization for male descendants of Confederate soldiers. Organized at Richmond, Virginia in 1896, the SCV continues to serve as a historical, patriotic, and non-political organization dedicated to insuring that a true history of the 1861-1865 period is.

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Dead Confederates, A Civil War Era Blog | Partial quotes. The information about the counties is from Tennesseans in the Civil War, (accessed 18 Nov 2011) and 4th Confederate Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Branner's) Roster, Transcribed by Charles L. Penick, (accessed 18 Nov 2011). The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database lists 766 men on its roster for this unit. Roster ** Wichita Confederate war memorial defaced in latest skirmish over Civil War remembrance. (Kansas. Defacing is another name for a hate crime. Vandalism?) ** In PNW, Confederate flag controversies are not new. (Pacific Northwest) ** Forever on Beale: Ida B. Wells statue in Memphis. (Tennessee {{ metaDescription }

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Irene Triplett, last person to collect an American civil war pension, dies at 90. Read more. Several civil war heritage organizations have recognized Jackson's quiet role in history, one that. Following is a list of pensioners from Index to Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications.. Aantle, E. Logian [Antle?] Aaron, James Aaron, Richard Aaron, W. B. Abbott, F. M. Abbott, James Abbott, John P Unknown soldier america civil war cowboy art old west historical photos american history tennessee north america 19th century Texas hoods brigade flag 3 x 5 ft. The facility housed the highest numbers of confederate veterans born in other confederate states. Confederate pension application 13253, john a

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The 48th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (Nixon's)was organized at Corinth, Mississippi, in April, 1862. This unit lost nineteen percent of the 312 engaged at Richmond and fifty percent of the 155 at Chickamauga. On July 31, 1864, Polk's Brigade was broken up and the men from Nixon's 48th Regiment merged into Voorhies' 48th Regiment. [1 The Second Civil War: New Orleans, Texas, U.S. Capitol, Conservatives and California JULY 1, 2021 ** Confederate monument fight in New Orleans is the lens to Neutral Ground to examine race in America

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Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. , Volume 5. By: Gustavus W. Dyer & John T. Moore, Orig. Pub. 1985, reprinted 2020, 542 pages, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-220-1. This volume #5 contains: Confederates veterans with surnames starting with the R'sand continuing thru the Z's The Tennessee State Library and Archives is excited to share information about the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners Records, also known as Record Group 3. This valuable resource from the board responsible for issuing and administering Tennessee's Confederate pensions contains clippings, obituaries, death dates, payment records, and family. Library of Congress. WASHINGTON — The last person to receive a pension from the U.S. Civil War, has died at the age of 90, The Wall Street Journal reported. Irene Triplett, daughter of Civil War. Georgia Genealogy - Georgia Pioneers. Home of 8 Genealogy Websites. Members also have access to all Genealogy databases. Download images of Wills, estates, marriages. Databases include military, obituaries, over 6000 traced families, Bibles, cemetery data, database of Georgia deaths,pensions, deeds, minute books, indexes to probate records, and.

Irene Triplett was 90 when she died last Sunday in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Her father, Mose Triplett, fought for the Confederacy and the Union in the civil war, which began in 1861 and ended. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The bust of a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader that had been prominently displayed inside the Tennessee Capitol for decades — over objections from. Pension Files. The Indiana State Archives does not hold information concerning pension files for Mexican or Civil War Veterans. The Indiana State Library does have the Index to the Pension Files available on microfilm in their Genealogy Division. Pension Files and other military records can be ordered through the National Archives online Texas State Library and Archives. 1201 Brazos St. Austin, TX 78701. Mail: P.O. Box 12927 Austin, TX 78711. Tel: 512-463-5474 Fax: 512-463-5436 Email TSLA

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Missouri Confederate Pension Applications - Polk County: Missouri Pensions for Ex-Confederate Soldiers were approved 23 April 1913. An applicant was required to have been a resident of the state two years prior to making application. An applicant was not required to have served from Missouri Alabama Civil War Service Database Information in this database was compiled from a multitude of sources at the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Beginning in the early 1900s, the Archives staff read through muster rolls, newspapers, governors' records, veterans' censuses, and state pension records to create a card file that was. The bust of a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader that had been prominently displayed inside the Tennessee Capitol for decades — over objections from Black lawmakers and activists — was removed from its pedestal Friday. The image of Nathan Bedford Forrest has sparked protests ever since its installation in 1978 as defenders sought to tout his legacy while critics objected to. The Civil War & Nodaway County, MO Volume II Martha L. Cooper, 349 pages, Soft Cover Biographical data on over 3000 Union and Confederate soldiers who served in the Civil War from Nodaway County or came in after the war ended. MO-0002, $50.00. Nodaway County Pension Records Volume I, by Martha Cooper, 309 Pages, Index to Applicant Confederate bust moved from Tennessee Capitol July 23, 2021, 10:18 a.m. A decades-long fight over the bust of a Confederate general and early Ku Klux Klan leader has been resolved in Tennessee