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DIRECTIONS In saucepan, whisk together all dry ingredients. Add mustard, tomato paste, and molasses. Slowly add vinegar, whisking till blended Carolina Gold is a unique barbecue sauce that's unlike any other. The base of the sauce is yellow mustard—you can imagine the wonderful tang it adds! The addition of honey and tomato paste balance out the tang with just enough natural sweetness. Plus, a few tablespoons of molasses add depth without making it reminiscent of the all-too-sweet. Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce Recipe has a wonderful combination of tangy, slightly sweet, and a little spicy flavors. A quick and tasty sauce for drizzling on your favorite smoked or grilled meats. In the summer, I am all about the barbecue! My favorite place for bbq is called Piggin' Out Smokehouse. Which is a very small local place with barely. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer uncovered on low heat for 30 minutes to slightly reduce. Make sure to stir the sauce often to prevent burning. Once cooked through, remove from heat and let the sauce cool to room temperature before using Bonus: as far as barbecue sauces go, it's not completely tragic in terms of nutritional value either. There's a little bit of sugar and honey, but my mustard barbecue sauce recipe has no added oil or fat, and it's low in calories as well. Carolina Gold can be used on so much more than just plain barbecue as well

Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce Estimated time: 5 min. Deep in the heart of South Carolina, between Columbia and Charleston, where German immigrants settled in the eighteenth century, there is a pocket of barbecue connoisseurs who prefer pork with yellow mustard sauce. These South Carolinians can thank their German heritage for that: pairing pork and. Friends, this Carolina Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce belongs in the bbq sauce hall of fame. It's the perfect balance of zingy vinegar + pinch of sweet + just the right amount of spice - and I am fully enjoying slathering it on just about everything right now. You can whip this sauce up in less than 5-minutes and make dinner over-the-top delicious

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In Mid-South Carolina, from Columbia to Charleston on the coast, BBQ sauce is yellow. HereÍs a quick and easy recipe for classic South Carolina mustard sauce. For those who are only familiar with traditional red BBQ sauces, yellow mustard sauce can be jarring at first -- at least until that first flavorful bite Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce (aka South Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce) is an easy recipe for the tangy, slightly sweet sauce that is popular in South Carolina barbecue. It is perfect drizzled over smoked pork, chicken, burgers, ribs - you name it! I always think barbecue sauce is best served on the side so that you can put as little or as much on as you like To make Carolina-style barbeque sauce, combine apple cider vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper in a small sauce pan. Bring the sauce mixture to rapid simmer over medium heat. Immediately reduce the heat to maintain a gentle simmer In a heavy non-reactive saucepan, stir together the mustard, brown sugar, vinegar, and beer. Season with chili powder and black, white, and cayenne peppers. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat, and cook for about 20 minutes. DO NOT BOIL, or you will scorch the sugar and peppers Carolina BBQ Sauce Ingredients: 1 T Olive Oil 3 Diced Shallots 1 Clove of Garlic (minced

In a small saucepan, combine all ingredients; bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, 15-20 minutes or until flavors are blended Oct 12, 2020 - Explore barry bender's board Carolina gold bbq sauce recipe on Pinterest. See more ideas about carolina gold bbq sauce recipe, bbq sauce recipe, sauce Combine 2/3 cup yellow mustard, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 tablespoons cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and 2 teaspoons hot sauce in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium.

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  1. First, add the following together in a mixing bowl: yellow mustard, honey, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, cayenne, salt and hot sauce
  2. Instructions. Combine tomato paste, mustard, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper in a small bowl with a whisk or fork. Add 1/2 cup of water to the bowl and mix again until a smooth sauce remains. Add 1 cup of pineapple juice to a sauce pan and bring to a boil
  3. Carolina Gold Sauce Ingredients. Here's everything you'll need for this tangy, mustard-based sauce: Yellow Mustard - to start you'll need ¾ cup of yellow mustard. This mustard base is really what *makes* Carolina-style BBQ sauce. Honey - you'll need a ⅓ cup of honey too — this will add a really nice sweetness to the sauce
  4. utes and is something you'll want on ribs, sliders, fries, pork chops or ANYTHING! Prep Time 15
  5. Combine BBQ sauce, half the honey, and a pinch of pepper in a mixing bowl. Taste, and add remaining honey, if desired

In a heavy saucepan, combine mustard, and vinegar. Then add chili powder, chipotle, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Bring to a simmer over medium high heat. DO NOT BOIL, as this could cause scorching. Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Mix in the Worcestershire sauce, butter, hot sauce, and liquid smoke Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce Recipe is one of the best bbq recipes. This South Carolina mustard bbq is one of the easiest and most tasty sauces to make! This.. These Carolina Gold Wings can easily accommodate grain-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets. If you'd like to make this recipe friendly for Paleo or Keto diets, please refer to the substitution notes in the post for the Carolina Gold Mustard BBQ Sauce. Prin Trusted Results with Carolina gold bbq sauce recipes. BBQ Pulled Pork with Carolina Sauce Recipe: : Food Network. Food Network invites you to try this BBQ Pulled Pork with Carolina Sauce recipe from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.. carolina gold bbq sauce Recipes at Epicurious.com. Carolina Mustard Sauce Epicurious, May 2009 Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book BBQ 25: The World's Most Flavorful.

Spray crock of the slow cooker with olive oil. Add chicken. Put butter on top of chicken. In a small mixing bowl combine the remaining ingredients. Pour over chicken. Cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8. Take two forks and shred the chicken before serving. Keyword slow cooker DISTILLED VINEGAR, SUGAR, WATER, #1 GRADE MUSTARD SEED, SOY SAUCE (WATER, WHEAT, SOYBEANS, SALT), AGED CAYENNE RED PEPPERS, SALT, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, TOMATO PASTE, NATURAL HICKORY SMOKE FLAVOR, TURMERIC, CORN SYRUP, PAPRIKA, OLEORESIN PAPRIKA (COLOR), SPICES, MOLASSES, GARLIC POWDER, NATURAL FLAVORS, ONION POWDER, SODIUM BENZOATE (AS A PRESERVATIVE) AND CELERY SEED Instructions. In a small pot or saucepan, combine all the ingredients together and whisk until incorporated. Allow it to heat on medium low until heated through. Leave over low heat until serving or remove from heat and allow it to rest to room temperature. Place the sauce in a jar in the fridge for up to 7 days

A slightly sweet, mustard-based barbecue sauce popular in South Carolina for use when grilling or roasting chicken and pork. Recipe is for a mild version - with an optional Hot version. If you like really browned chicken, start basting early; otherwise, baste frequently after the first 30 minutes of grilling Directions. In a small pan, whisk all ingredients together and cook on medium - low heat 10 minutes, until sugar has dissolved. Cool, pour into bottle and refrigerate at least 2 hours before use. Making a day ahead is best Originating in South Carolina, this sauce is tangy, peppery, and loaded with a punch of flavor. Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce will take anything you slather it on to a whole new level! With a beautiful golden color from mustard and a slight sweetness from brown sugar and honey, this sauce takes only 10 minutes to make. Recipe from A Southern Sou Step 1. Combine the cider vinegar, apple cider, brown sugar, mustard seed, Dijon mustard, tomato paste, salt, black pepper, and neck bones in a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat; simmer until the sauce thickens, 30 to 40 minutes. Skim any foam from the surface of the liquid and discard. Remove and discard the neck bones Carolina sauce is cheap and incredibly easy to make at home! To make Carolina-style barbeque sauce, combine apple cider vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper in a small sauce pan. Bring the sauce mixture to rapid simmer over medium heat

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Carolina apple cider wings ginsberg s foods tangy carolina barbecue sauce recipe tangy carolina barbecue sauce recipe carolina mustard bbq sauce sweet and tangy recipe. Whats people lookup in this blog: Carolina Tangy Gold Bbq Sauce Recipe; Cattlemen S Carolina Tangy Gold Bbq Sauce Recipe Carolina Gold Bbq Sauce Recipe Gf Df V Zestful Kitchen. Golden Carolina Barbecue Sauce Recipe. South Carolina Style Mustard Barbecue Sauce Paleo Leap. Carolina Mustard Bbq Sauce House Of Nash Eats. Carolina Bold Gold Patio Daddio Bbq. South Carolina Mustard Bbq Sauce Recipe A K Columbia Gold ¼ cup plus one tbsp bbq rub (Link to rub recipe on site) ½ cup plus 2 tbsp apple juice; 2 tbsp butter; 1/4 cup Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce (recipe below) Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce Ingredients: Juice and zest of one lemon; ½ clove roasted garlic (roast in oven for 30 minutes at 375- can be kept in refrigerator until ready to use) 1 tbsp butter. May 28, 2021, 10:19 AM. I've made Meathead's Carolina Gold, and it's really good. My only problem with it isn't the taste, but that it doesn't have as long a shelf (refrigerator) life as other home made sauces. It started growing hair in a couple-three months. The KC Sauce is good for over a year

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Add all other ingredients. Put pan over medium-high heat. Stirring frequently, bring sauce to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, for at least two hours. Move sauce from heat. Remove lemons with a slotted spoon. Let sauce cool for 5-10. Pour warm sauce into a blender or food processor My husband and I are big fans of White Castle. 1 Medium Yellow Onion. Read Our Review Of Trader Joe S Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce Trader Joes Barbeque Sauce Barbeque Mustard based Barbecue sauce in 18 ounce bottles. Carolina gold bbq sauce trader joe's. Let cool and serve. 1 cup TJs Dried Cranberries. 2 Tablespoons [ Carolina Gold BBQ. Based on South Carolina tradition, sweet molasses and yellow mustard are blended together with onions, tomatoes, and sea salt to create a unique BBQ sauce. Naturally Gluten Free The Palmetto state is home to a different kind of Barbecue sauce. It's Northern brethren in Western North Carolina have staked their claim in a vinegary thin and spicy sauce that cuts the fattiness of whole hog pulled pork. But South Carolinian's like to keep their options open and are in fact one of the only places you can find a different - mustard based style of barbecue sauce

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How to Make Carolina BBQ Sauce. Many homemade Carolina BBQ sauce recipes are short and simple; vinegar, a little sugar, salt and pepper, and maybe some red pepper flakes for heat. Simmer the ingredients until the sugar and salt dissolve. Cool, then store in a jar or a squeeze bottle. Shake before use South Carolina BBQ Sauce (above or store-bought) Scroll down to the printable recipe card for full measurements. Tip: this Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce recipe makes 2 cups, enough for at least two BBQs. Kitchen Tools You May Find Helpful. Measuring Cups and Spoons; BBQ Mop/Basting Brush; Saucepan; BBQ Tong For me, Duke's Carolina Gold came across as a mustard sauce for non-mustard lovers. With its strong sweetness drowning out the bite of mustard, it veered a little more into standard barbecue sauce territory and could prove to be a good cross over to the mustard side for some Carolina Gold Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe. Slice onion in half and then into 1/4″ strips. Smash and peel garlic gloves and then rough chop them. Layer about 3/4 of the garlic and onion in the bottom of crockpot. Add the water, apple cider vinegar, and chicken base The pros: Trader Joe's Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce is a solid mustard based BBQ sauce at a reasonable price. The cons: If you don't care for mustard based BBQ sauces then skip this item. The verdict: My husband and I are big fans of White Castle. We don't get food from there often, but there are certain things that we are guaranteed to order if we do

Maurice's Original Southern Gold recipe is an All Natural Gourmet Blend BBQ Sauce that comes from an exclusive heirloom recipe hundreds of years old and includes only the highest quality ingredients. This Southern Gold is the most popular barbeque sauce in South Carolina, and a Secret, Golden recipe that has No Fat, No Cholesterol and No. Ingredients Water, Mustard (Vinegar, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric), Apple, Apple Cider Vinegar, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Dates, Salt, Garlic Powder, Allspice, Black Pepper, Natural Smoke. Allergen Info Free from Does Not Contain Declaration Obligatory Allergens.. Disclaimer Actual product packaging and materials may contain additional and/or different ingredient, nutritional, or. Lillie's Q - Gold Barbeque Sauce, Gourmet Carolina Sauce, Tangy BBQ Sauce with South Carolina Mustard, All-Natural Ingredients, Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients (20 oz) 4.6 out of 5 stars 588 10 offers from $8.9 German settlers in South Carolina brought a strong mustard-based influence to barbecue. So, whether you're serving it up sliced, chopped, shredded or pulled, Carolina-Style Rub is a savory rub that works really well for ribs, pulled pork, chicken and brisket Release any extra pressure by gently pushing the valve to venting.. For the Slow Cooker: cover and cook on low for 8-12 hours, or until meat is very tender. While the pork is cooking make the BBQ sauce. Combine all BBQ sauce ingredients in a bowl and whisk well. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use

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Step 1. Sauté the diced onions and bacon in a heavy bottom pot for 15 minutes until the bacon is cooked and the onions are nice and soft. I used a Le Creuset for easy cleanup. Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes until all the flavors have married Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Posted January 6, 2020 by by Earle Brown. Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Course Sauces. Servings 1.5 Cups. Ingredients . 1 cup yellow mustard; 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar; 2 tbs honey; 1 tsp Granulated Garlic; 1 tbs ketchup; 1 tbs Tabasco; 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce On high heat, heat a sauté pan or skillet. Next, sear the roast for a few minutes on all sides. If using a cast-iron or heavy oven-safe skillet, leave the pork in the skillet. Or if using a sauté pan, transfer the pork to a roasting or baking pan. Tightly cover the pork with aluminum foil and place the skillet in the oven and roast for 3 hours Pulled pork has quickly become a barbecue institution in the UK, but in the US they're on a whole other level. This pulled pork recipe comes with a Carolina Gold sauce, full of mustard and vinegar for an alternative to the sweet brown sauces usually served

This Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce is a sweet, smoky and tangy sauce that is a really good version of mustard based Carolina style barbecue sauces. If you like the Carolina mustard based bbq sauces in general, you'll definitely like this for basting chicken with, adding to burgers or even for dipping Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce Recipe - Easy Mustard BBQ Sauce Recipe. Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce. July 18, 2017 By Mark Thompson Leave a Commen 12. Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce This sauce doesn't look like your typical BBQ sauce because it doesn't have the classic dark brown reddish hue to it. Instead, it is a bit yellow, and in this case they're calling it cold. Carolina Gold to be exact, and this is a version of barbecue sauce that you simply must try if you haven't had it before Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce Recipe is one of the best bbq recipes. This South Carolina mustard bbq is one of the easiest and most tasty sauces to make! sourc

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Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce (see recipe in sauce section) King's Hawaiian Rolls. Take a pork roast and rub it with garlic, worcestershire sauce and/or sherry. Slow cook it in a smoker with hickory chips. Or, if you don't have a smoker, roast it in the oven at 350°F until it is falling apart tender. Remove the roast from the oven and shred it. Carolina Gold. In barbecue circles, those two words conjure something unmistakably South Carolinian. The state's signature rich, tangy, slightly sweet barbecue sauce is a hallmark of the. Sometimes called Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce or Carolina gold BBQ Sauce, this sauce is sweet n' tangy. And now that I have made this BBQ sauce, man, I am kind of obsessed. And while I could eat it by the spoonful, it goes amazingly well with all kinds of meats. Especially slow cooker pulled pork Carolina Gold Barbecue Sauce, sweet, tangy, with a little bit of a kick Jump to Recipe. I still remember the first time I had Carolina Gold Barbecue sauceI was a sophomore in high school in my culinary class. We were deep frying chicken wings to eat, this was a special treat for us. We had buffalo sauce, sweet barbecue sauce, and gold sauce This recipe is a classic Carolina mustard based BBQ sauce. Tangy, sweet with a little heat, this mustard sauce is awesome on pulled pork, sausages, burgers hot dogs and more. I have another BBQ sauce, which is awesome with pulled pork, that I call Carolina Red Sauce and it is popular in places like Piedmont and Lexington. I really like having.

carolina bbq gold sauce A slightly sweet, mustard-based barbecue sauce popular in South Carolina for use when grilling or roasting chicken and pork. Recipe is for a mild version - with an optional Hot version BBQ Sauce. At Maurice's Piggie Park, we love our Southern Gold® BBQ Sauce, the original secret recipe that started a South Carolina BBQ tradition. Our sweet, tangy mustard-based Southern Gold® sauce is preservative-free, gluten-free and has no fat or cholesterol. We pit-cook many of our meats with our unique secret heirloom recipe, Maurice. Apr 12, 2021 · history of carolina gold bbq sauce. This mustard bbq sauce is so easy to make, spicy, & flavorful! Hereís a quick and easy recipe for classic south carolina mustard sauce. Mar 15, 2014 · create your own amazing east carolina vinegar bbq sauce and mop with this simple to follow recipe. For the carolina bbq sauce

Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce Self Proclaimed Foo. Wings Roosters. Best En Wings In Dayton Of 2018 Winners. Bc Roosters 56 Photos 74 Reviews En Wings 12120. Carolina Gold Mixed With Hot Garlic Sauce For Traditional Wings. See also Glass Water Cooler With Tap. Carolina Gold Sauce Mustard Bbq Basil And Bubbly Sweet Golden Mustard Barbecue Sauce. Hawaiian BBQ Sauce. Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce. Sweet Vidalia Onion Barbecue Sauce. Wing Sauces and Glazes. Buffalo Wing Sauce. Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce. Honey Barbecue Wing Sauce Trader Joe's Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce. I've had this bottle sitting around unopened for over a year. I almost never use barbecue sauce and didn't really feel like finding a recipe in which it would be needed. But then I brought home a new MorningStar fake-meat product, this one a pulled pork. No sauce included Cattlemans base bbq sauce how do you use it recipe. Learn how to cook great Cattlemans base bbq sauce how do you use it . Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Cattlemans base bbq sauce how do you use it recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips

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Uncle Bubbas Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Uncle Bubbas Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce, a simple No Cook sauce that's ready in 10 minutes and even better the next day. Not only is it delicious it also makes a great grilling sauce. Working as a binder for your seasoning and a browning agent. Not only a great grilling sauce, but it's a good dipping. At Sticky Fingers, barbecue is about more than just sauce. It's about taking pride in every ingredient, every meal and every bite. The evolution of barbecue is a uniquely American tale and we put a bit of that story into each flavor. So, grab a seat, open a bottle and pass the napkins. Let's get cooking. Learn More Grill Mates® Carolina Gold Seasoning brings a sweet and tangy blend of mustard, vinegar, spices, and a hint of natural hickory smoke flavor to the table. Serve chicken with a boldly golden Carolina Mustard Sauce that starts with French's® Yellow Mustard blended with additional BBQ Seasoning Instructions. Cut hard boiled eggs in half. Place yolks in a bowl with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. Mash into a consistent mixture. Fill white halves with filling

Serve with the Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce (recipe follows). Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce Ingredients. ½ cup yellow mustard. ¼ cup apple cider vinegar. 2 tablespoons molasses. ¼ cup honey. 2 tablespoons brown sugar. 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Dash of hot sauce. Directions. Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Recipe created by David. This sauce is full of tangy flavor, but it's not overpowering at all. Toss shredded chicken or pork in this for a quick barbecue sandwich or brush it on chicken while grilling. This makes about 2 cups of sauce. Print Pin Save. Saved! Prep 5 minutes. Cook 30 minutes. Serves 8 servings This is a fantastic, classic-style Carolina barbecue rub recipe courtesy of Chuck Ozburn. Quick to make and easy to use, this rub is a simple combination of seasonings and flavorings and is an excellent addition to pork chops, ribs, and roasts. While this recipe makes one cup, it's very easily doubled if more is needed An update of the classic Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, our Golden BBQ Sauce is sweet, tangy, and full of flavor. Whole30, Certified Keto and Paleo, this no added sugar BBQ sauce has organic ingredients

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Instructions. Preheat the grill. In a medium saucepan, whisk together the mustard, brown sugar and cider vinegar. Bring the mixture to a boil and then turn the heat to low and simmer. Stir in the butter, water, fish sauce, chili powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, salt and pepper G Hughes' family of signature sauces - Carolina Gold, Mesquite Flavored, Maple Brown Flavored, Hickory Flavored, Honey Flavored, Sweet & Spicy, and Carolina Style Sweet Heat. Plus, his Original bbq sauce that started it all. Flavored with a unique blend of spice and sweetness, and completely sugar and gluten free

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Remove the shoulder from the cooker. Wrap tightly with foil. Return to the smoker and continue cooking until the meat is tender enough to pull, and the shank and blade bone can easily be pulled out of the roast, about 6 hours longer. The internal temperature will be around 195°F. Rest the shoulder for 30 minutes before pulling the meat Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce- Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce A Fork's Tale. brown sugar, honey, garlic powder, salt, red pepper flakes, Worcestershire sauce and 3 more 1 Instructions. If using microwave,.Thoroughly rinse any fresh produce and pat dry. Combine pulled pork and bbq sauce in full provided tray. Cover with damp paper towel and microwave until heated through, 5-8 min. Uncover and top with cider vinegar, stir to combine, cover and set aside.Divide pasta evenly between provided split tray. Top both sides with cheese sauce and chipotle seasoning And so was born Carolina Gold sauce, aka mustard BBQ sauce. What Does Mustard BBQ Sauce Taste Like? Imagine the zing of mustard and the tang of apple cider vinegar balanced by the sweetness of honey and brown sugar, and then heated up with the spice of garlic, onion, and cayenne pepper for a mouthwatering sauce or marinade for pork (chicken. Carolina Treet oven baked chicken is a house favorite! Marinade any form of chicken in Carolina Treet Barbecue Sauce for 1-2 hours. Place in a foil-lined pan (for easy clean-up) and bake at 350º for 75-90 minutes. You may remove chicken pieces about half-way through the cooking and dip again in Carolina Treet Barbecue Sauce for a more robust.

Create an entree bursting with bold flavor thanks to this Cattlemen's Carolina tangy gold barbeque sauce. It features a sweet and tangy mustard mixed with apple cider vinegar, a smoky note, and a hint of cayenne pepper heat. Pour it over top of juicy steaks prepared to perfection or use it to season tender chicken or pork dishes. It can even be mixed into your signature dips and marinades to. Aaron Hoff and Michelle Pepper Hoffman are the folks behind Hoff Sauce™. In 2013, Hoff was on a quest to develop the perfect everyday hot sauce when he magically concocted their first creation. Handcrafted with farm fresh Jalapeños and Habaneros, Hoff's original Hoff Sauce™ has gone on to win numerous awards and gain. Instructions. Combine vinegar, brown sugar, salt, hot sauce, and black pepper in your slow cooker. Add chicken. Cook in a 3-4 quart slow cooker, on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours. If using a larger 5-6 quart crock-pot, cook on low for about 6 hours. (See note. The core region for barbecue is the southeastern region of the United States, an area bordered on the west by Texas and Oklahoma, on the north by Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia, on the south by the Gulf of Mexico and Central Florida, and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.. While barbecue is found outside of this region, the 14 core barbecue states contain 70 of the top 100 barbecue. I have made this recipe, along with serving the Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce, Vinegar Sauce, and the optional BBQ sauce in this recipe. These are amazing recipes, and when serving the pork with all the different sauces the flavors turn the pork into completely unique dish! The flavors are so vastly different, but yet soo soo good! 3 dishes in 1

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Mix everything together in a bowl or crockpot before adding the chicken. Flip the chicken a few times to fully coat both sides. Cover and cook on low for 1.5-2.5 hours or until the chicken reaches an internal temp of 165F. Be careful not to overcook or the chicken will be difficult to shred and rubbery 1. To make the barbecue sauce, combine all the ingredients together and mix well. 140g of ketchup. 1 tsp black treacle. 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce. 1 tbsp of wholegrain mustard. 1/2 tsp sweet smoked paprika. 1/2 tsp hot smoked paprika. 1 dash of Tabasco

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