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A: If your betta fish begins twitching irregularly it may signify an external parasitic infection like Ich or Velvet or may be an indication of water quality problems like the presence of ammonia or chlorine irritation Omg my betta is freaking out! He was calm before then he started twitching and swimming quickly and like spazzing out! Then calm again then spazzing out. At first I thought he was excited to see me, but then it got weird where he jerked back and fourth!. Post by Rachel - old onFeb 22, 2004 at 8:56am. Your tank is still too cold. You need to find a way to warm it up or you may be faced with constant sick bettas. Head twitching can be the sign of a few different things. High levels of chlorine, ammonia or a poor pH can be a factor


The water is irritating the fish, similar to a fly irritating a horse. Large, partial water changes daily, 50% a day every day, using a good tap water conditioner However, my all 4 of my tetra's are suddenly twitching and getting aggressive with one another. One fish is just hiding in the corner and twitching. I just did a water check, 0 amm, 0 nitrite , 0 nitrate , 6.8 PH . kept the temperature the same when I did the water change Did the large water change shock the fish Fin rot or tail rot (melt) is probably the most common betta fish disease. It's often confused with tail biting, resulting from boredom, and tears on sharp tank decor. Upon inspection, the tail (caudal) or other fins will show visible signs of the disease Any departure from this usual state of affairs is often the first sign that there is a problem, and a fish that starts twitching, shimmying, shaking, rubbing, flicking or flashing against objects in the tank can often be a sign of a potentially serious issue Betta fish should flare its gills and fan its fins when there is a stimulus like its own reflection. You can try to trigger this reaction. If your pet fish isn't responding, then that is not a good sign. Water parameters are important for the wellbeing of fish

Often caused by a lack of oxygen in your betta's water, hypoxia can cause your fish to swim in an odd way. Most often they will spend a lot of time at the surface of the tank trying to get oxygen. However, it can also be caused by gill disease and anemia. (Hypoxia can often occur when the water is too warm Fish suffering from the shimmies rock from side to side, an action known as shimmying. There are often other odd postural or behavioral traits associated with the shimmies, including clamped fins, head shaking, yawning, and labored or heavy breathing Ammonia - a part of your betta's biological waste, and it will build up if the water is unfiltered. Because even mild concentrations of ammonia can burn a fish's gills, If you see your betta darting about frantically and gasping for air at the surface, you may be looking at ammonia poisoning Mine just do that, my south American and African cichlids just twitch like that sometimes, I think they might be a little itchy or be adjusting in the water. My tanks are healthy with no issues, so, it's likely normal. Though that group of fish in the tank are NOT compatible, African cichlids should only be kept with other African cichlids

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The most common signs that your betta isn't feeling well or is stressed includes: Unusual lethargy, disinterest in playing and exploring, or hiding. Decrease in appetite or refusal to eat (for several days). Faded or muted colors, especially in the usually bright and vivid male fish she can be pregnant but shaking is the shing of ill or ill-treatment done to her..did you checked your water..if she is still shaking then get a heater and change 50% water and increase pH level of your tank cause mollies love brakish water and temp. and high pH will help and work so mind my words she need help. One of the most well-known tricks of the betta fish is the twitching. This is where the fish will randomly twitch (or flip over) its tail, head, or body in an erratic motion. This is where the fish will randomly twitch (or flip over) its tail, head, or body in an erratic motion

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Betta fish live for 2-7 years (bettas from breeders live much longer than store bought bettas that are damaged by ammonia and nitrite in small cups), so being aware of when your pet may pass is helpful. After spending 5 or more years with your little buddy, sudden death can be devastating RikkiTikkii. Member. mrsP said: What I've noticed that some fishes like to do that. After bigger water change (like today ~50%, using primer, water quality good even before change, hevily planted understocked tank, healthy fish) certain individuals of my fish does like to do that too. They behave like kiddies in park, running and playing Colorado. Dec 10, 2020. #1. I've had my betta for about 2 months, and he was very healthy for the first 1.5 months, but about a week ago, he became very lethargic and staying up in the very top corner of his tank, not eating and with clamped fins. The water parameters were 0 chlorine, 0 nitrite, traces of ammonia, and traces of nitrates To start, bettas need a heater to keep the water a constant 78-80 (optimal temp.) Also, the minimal tank size requirement is 2.5 gallons although larger is easier to maintain and benificial to your fish. With a 2.5 or larger tank, you can also get a filter to help with water quality. Also, you really need a test kit that will give you readings. Why is my Betta Fish Always Hungry? (Complete Feeding Guide) Betta Fish Sit at the Top of the Tank: Reasons & Solutions; Conclusions. If your betta is swimming vertically, up and down the tank, it should raise a question. To make sure that your betta is healthy and merely swims that way due to its personality, you should look for additional signs

Watch for erratic swimming and twitching. Types of Betta Fish Diseases. There are many different common betta fish diseases that betta might succumb to, but they can be broken down into three categories: parasitic, bacterial, and fungal. Parasitic. Parasites are unwanted guests in any tank! They generally arrive via contaminated fish or water. Betta fish twitching. Betta Fish. Betta fish is twitching jerking around floating. Betta Fish. Fish twitching. African Cichlid. Fish are twitching in place. Freshwater Aquarium Discussion. Share: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest WhatsApp Email Link. Random Great Thread. Dechlorinating Water While Using The Python Water Changer

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  1. Thought I'd start another thread. Got the PH sorted out--turns out my PH is 7.6 right from the tap! For those of you who haven't read my other thread, I got two Turquoise Rainbows, and one started shimmying and twitching 2-3 days after I got it. The other one is fine. I figured osmotic or PH shock because I thought my water was 8-8.2
  2. Thunder Bay, Ontario. Jun 23, 2007. #1. I think I have a problem. I noticed about 3 hours ago, that my clown fish is doing this strange twitch to one side. He has been doing it on and off for about 3 hours. It seems that he does it more when I am near the tank. He also seems to be nipping at the glass. He has no odd spots or anything on him
  3. I'm really at a loss. the poor fish seems so freaked out, it's horrible to watch. This is a 36 gallon tank, other inhabitants are cardinal tetras, and apisto, and kuhli loaches. Water changes once a week, params are consistantly 0/0/5-10, tanks been running about a year and a half
  4. ance or mating behaviors and should not be confused with a seizure; this is very common in clownfish in particular
  5. In my experience it's a truly terrible idea to keep betta fish in divided tanks, unless each side has a totally separate water supply and the barrier is opaque so they cannot see one another, and they each have a reasonable amount of space. Too ma..
  6. If your betta was injured or had fin rot it is in the process of healing. The white finnage is a actually new tissue growing so it's healthy. Betta fin tissue usually heals easily on its own. If you're keeping your betta in a vase or a fish bowl with no filter, you should already be on a weekly water changing schedule
  7. Even so, the most probable reason why your African cichlids might be shaking, twitching, or shimmering is the males trying to get it on with the ladies. However, if the movements are coupled with violent behavior or your fish rubbing on rocks, the cause might not be flirting

Hi my name is Shannon I have my buddy parrot fish he has been in a his tank now for 2 days I fed him peas with Epsom salt on them and.yes still up at the tank he is active wheniwhen I feed him he eats he sometimes swims to v9ttom buy comes right back up to top his belly looks to me a way better than before but I know it's gonna be a long road. Fish do scratch/ rub on objects occasionally, but if it happens every day, there is a problem. Regular rubbing on objects is normally caused by external protozoan infections or other types of external parasites. Shine a torch on the fish at night after the lights have gone out and see if they have a gold/ yellow sheen on their body This is a situation where the water is either too cold or too warm. Temperature shock is commonly seen in Betta tanks lacking a heater. If the water temperature drops too much below the recommended, the Betta fish become lethargic and are seen to be laying at the bottom of the tank. Sometimes, you may have a heater but have broken without you. Here's why a Betta fish may lay on its side at the bottom of its tank: A Betta fish may be resting on the bottom of its tank due to polluted aquarium water. Foul water conditions can make the fish lethargic due to the stress and in the worst-case scenario - poison the creature. Another common reason for a Betta that doesn't move from the. Lo and behold, as I was talking to this guy and getting my fish netted and into their transport containers, I see him just dumping straight tap water into his tanks to refill them up and I wanted to scream. I also saw the betta in the 20L he had. Boy was he beautiful

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It may have developed a swim bladder disorder. If that's the case the fish will not be able to right itself. At times it may be that the fish is compacted with feces and may recover on its own. If the fish is floating to the point that it is getti.. Location. GB. Apr 24, 2010. #4. Size of tank in gallons or litres. How many fish and which type. Water stats in ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. Darting can be caused by bad water quality, toxins, stray voltage, parasites, over dose of meds, ph shock. First thing to look at is your water stats hey there! after three months I finally got myself a new betta!I had said I wanted something fancy, maybe a koi HM plakat, but I ended up falling for this guy Felix! my gorgeous orange VT! here's a closer picture of his beautiful partially cellophane tail! anyways, i've noticed the new guy constantly swimming up and down the glass on all sides of the tank, seemingly rubbing his nose area. The behavior: Your fish is swimming erratically. What it could mean: It's not uncommon for fish to swim erratically—fast and seemingly in no particular configuration or for an apparent purpose. However, if you begin to notice a pattern, it could indicate poor water quality in your tank. Common water quality issues in home aquariums include.

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  1. How To Prevent Bloat In Your Betta Fish. It's always better to prevent a betta fish being bloated rather than treating it. Luckily, the key to preventing bloat and any disease are pretty similar and pretty simple! Keep The Water Clean. Keeping the water clean is one of the best things you can do to reduce illness in your betta
  2. Oct 31, 2014. #1. Please help: Sterbai Cory paralysis, twitching, seizures. Hello, I'm posting on this forum because one of my cories has had a rapid decline in health. I've posted on several sites and have gotten very little advice or none at all. I'm trying to be as detailed as possible with pictures and videos as well because I want to.
  3. twitching synonyms, twitching pronunciation, twitching translation, English dictionary definition of twitching. The fish gave my line a twitch. 3. A sudden, sharp pain. [Middle English twicchen; possibly akin to Low German twikken.] twitch′ing·ly adv. the handsome mouth was drawn to one side (only now did Pierre

A betta fish can die because of several reasons such as; 1. Overfeeding; generally causes constipation like symptoms. Afterwards the fish will have a huge belly and this may affect the swim bladder. So he is unable to swim properly and will die... My betta fish beg to be fed at all times of the day. I switch up bloodworms with dried shrimp that I find in the turtle section of your local pet store. Another tip is to feed them pieces of peas. Like the pea that human eat. You can by them out of a can already cooked. Peel the skin off and cut into small pieces for betta My Betta fish Flash has had fin rot for a long time now. We got him at Christmas and he is currently in a 5 gallon tank with sponge filter and heater at 78-80 degrees. When he is not swimming and twitching he rests on his leaf, but when he decides to move about, t he cycle begins again. Slam, twitch, bump, twitch. He seems to be favouring. 15 Cases Why Is My Betta Fish Twitching? Betta Fish Worl . Ich refers to a common disease that affects all types of marine aquarium fish and freshwater fish. It's caused by protozoan Ichthyopthirius. If you have a pet fish, you will encounter this disease at some point. Although ich is very easy to treat, it is the most common cause of fish.

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  1. I have 10 cichlids in a tank and do weekly 25% water changes, dechlorinizing the water and adding salt accordingly. I recently noticed that two of my fish have begun to twitch uncontrollably sometimes, are very lethargic in movement, seem to be gasping for air and are eating quite less
  2. e him a little closer to see if you notice any other signs of.
  3. When a 100% water change is done the fish is instantly put into a very differant water parameter that is a major shock to the system. All fish seem to have a hard time getting over this shock, I am un aware of a treatment to correct it. What I do is keep the fish by it self, do frequent partial water changes and make sure the water quality is good

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  1. 3. Train your Betta to swim, and maybe even jump, through a hoop. Make a hoop out of a pipe cleaner or a piece of plastic. Figure out what your Betta likes to eat most, and use that as bait. Hang the hoop in the tank so that the Betta can swim through it. Move the bait to encourage the betta to swim through the hoop
  2. Fish Gasping for Air: If your fish look like they are gasping for air at the top of the aquarium, this is a sign that either your water quality is poor or there is not enough dissolved oxygen in the water. You should test your water and consider getting an aerator for your tank
  3. d. You may not even be sure if betta fish poop to begin with. Nonetheless, if you are planning to own these stunning, endlessly fascinating fish, you'll want to know what to do in the event of have a constipated Betta fish
  4. For one, betta fish are tropical fish. Without a tank heated between 76-82 degrees Fahrenheit, the animal will have long-term negative effects, such as fatty tissue degeneration. The tank is also quite small, which is unsuitable for a betta (bettas typically require tank of at least 2.5 gallons, but 5.5 gallons is the usual fare)
  5. Why would a cat's tail be twitching when sleeping or lying down? With over 20 vertebrae in the tail alone, a cat's tail can bend and move in a variety of ways. And surrounding the bones of the tail are a number of nerves and muscles, which is why your cat will yelp in pain when you accidentally step on their tail
  6. Tanks with an inadequate amount of time to cycle, have a higher possibility of sick neon tetra. This is due to the elevated nitrites and ammonia that can happen when introducing new fish. Always increase bioload very slowly to prevent sick neon tetra. Add no more than 2-3 fish per week in a newly cycled aquarium
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Also, fish need multiple hiding spots so that they can avoid aggressors. In addition, when feeding your fish, try to evenly distribute the food, so fish don't have to compete. Other factors: In addition to those already mentioned, there are some other factors that lead to stress. One of these is the presence of any added chemicals or. Lucifer the Betta, feeling like the devil Hi, my name is Sara and my Bettas name is Lucifer. <sounds like a cute Betta... hehe> Over the past couple of days he has started to twitch a lot, like he is itchy. <He might have a gill parasite, which you won't be able to see.> I can't see any red or white bumps on him but this morning I woke up and. The other day, I tweeted this heartwarming (though sad at first) series of photos showing a person rescuing a betta (sometimes known as Siamese Fighting Fish) that was near death, and rehabilitating him in a very dramatic fashion.. This is something that has annoyed me for a long time: whenever I visit pet stores to buy food and embarrassing clothes for my cats, I see a display of bettas, each. It's important to add fish gradually to new aquariums and feed sparingly at first to give beneficial bacteria time to colonize the tank and filter. In established aquariums, accumulation of solid fish waste, uneaten food, dead plant material and other organic debris can cause a deterioration in water quality and a drop in pH. This is. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for the Young. What is STIMEY? News. News; Newsletters; Advertisement; Events; Vacancy; Interesting Website

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Cichlid Aquarium - Fish is Twitching Head and Rubbing Dont waste you money on strip kit - paid tenner for it week or two ago and today finally bought master kit. 7 pound difference and for 10 you get only 25 test strips wh ich usually show colour which Is uncomparable and you will wonder if you need a water change or not Jun 18, 2018 - Explore Elizabeth Twitchell's board Pets on Pinterest. See more ideas about pets, fish tank, betta fish What size tank is your betta in? Do you have any filtration for the tank? Is it a male or female? I once babysat a betta for a friend over spring break. She kept him in a very small container without any filtration (despite my objections). He used to twitch and have little spasms or even charge the side of the little tank The parasite that causes velvet will die in hotter temperatures, so whilst you're treating your betta increase the temperature to between 82-85°F. Make sure you don't raise the temperature too quickly, or you risk killing your betta through shock. Instead, slowly raise the temperature by 1°F every 24 hours

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A struggling betta fish is an unhealthy betta fish, though a dosage of Bettafix should be all it takes to fix fin related problems. Photo from Why is my Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank? Are they sick? (Advice for Lethargic Bettas) A BETTA THAT WON'T MOVE OR IS LETHARGI African Dwarf Frogs - Twitching, lethargic 3/2/08 in my 1 gallon tank and Reno (Betta fish) in a Betta planter that I bought. I felt bad for Reno because he didn't have much water to swim around in (probably less than 1/2 gallon), so this weekend I bought him a 1 gallon tank also. I did a 25% water change for Robyn's tank, and introduced. The reason why he is not in the fish tank, because along with my first betta , i bought my first fish tank (2.6 gal ) and nobody told me in the pet store that i have to cycle tank first . So my tank cycling right now but i don't know if my fish will survive until it's done. Also, i'm not sure about the overall look of my betta and his color

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The Betta behavior that resulted in the sport of Siamese Fish Fighting is still a distinguishing trait of the modern-day Betta despite the customized breeding over the last one hundred years. Warriors by nature, their aggressive behavior stems from the male Betta's need to protect his territory How To Treat Ich In Betta Fish. There are a number of different ways you can treat ich in your betta. And what you choose really depends on the severity of ich. I would recommend betta ich treatment be carried out in a quarantine tank rather than your main tank. That way you're not going to change the parameters of your tank As it gets large, 14-16+ inches, that means at the very least a 6-foot tank but better in 7-8 feet. And it will eat smaller fish. If this fish is on its own, that will cause additional stress. You can read more in our profile, click on the shaded name Bala Shark. Byron

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Caring for an Old Betta. Based on my experience with my elderly betta, Frederick, here is some advice on taking care of your older fish and keeping them comfortable. 1. Lower the Water. The water level should be low enough so the fish doesn't exert himself to breathe but still high enough for adequate filtration Once it was hot enough, the betta fish pancake was put in and fried till crispy. The end product looks increasingly disturbing the more you stare at it. The Instagram account does not divulge any more information on whether the deep-fried fishes were eaten and no timeline was given as well The twitching appeared the day after a partial (~30-40%) water change but may have been coincidental. Water quality is fine (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5-10 ppm nitrate, stable pH of ~7.9 -- a little high but unchanged from my tap water, Prime used accordingly to remove chlorine)

My rare betta fish died today. Water becomes polluted when food and waste back up, creating a film on the sides. Other symptoms are also possible. Then keep reading to find out all the common causes, as well as how to treat and prevent them! Betta fish exhibit signs that they are dying from old age, most notably color loss and lethargy Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies. I've had my boy, Donut, for a few weeks. He's very active and friendly. His was flaring his gills, today, and I noticed something hanging from the right side of his beard. It looks kinda like a large semi-translucent flake or a scale (pictures below), but I don't. Betta fish can survive in a pH range of 6-8 but it is important to try and mantain a pH of 7 in order to give a more neautral condition of the water, in case of pH spikes. Total Alkalinity (KH) This is a measurement of how well water can resist pH changes First came Twitch plays Pokemon, and thanks to Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru Channel, now there's fish plays Pokemon.And thanks to their fish, a new (or at least unreported) bug has been found in.

Fish that are already infested by gill mites are brought into aquariums. The tiny mites stay on the fish's gills, and attack the fish by feeding on blood and living flesh. Treatment: Tetra Lifeguard® Remove filter carbon and turn off UV sterilizer. Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons of water. Treat for 5 consecutive days Hi my name is Kendall and I brought a fish betta fish he died after 2 months and then a friend of mine brought two more fish not bettas but Black Moor goldfish and they brought two of them for me that was a week and a half ago this morning I found one of them dead what I'm doing wrong An important part of knowing how to care for your angelfish is being aware of the signs and symptoms of the various angelfish diseases that can affect your angelfish.. Parasites, bacteria, fungus and various viral infections can all affect your angelfish. Of course, the first line of defense against diseases is offering proper tank conditions for your fish Hey guys! Today's video is about why PETCO shouldn't sell baby bettas & trying to decide if my baby betta is actually a boy or not because there has been som..

Today's entrant in the annals of human achievement comes courtesy of Twitch TV, in the form of a motion-tracked fantail betta playing Pokémon Red/Blue using virtualised Game Boy controls. The. Betta fish, especially the males, are beautiful and relatively easy to keep if you pay attention to their particular needs. Contrary to popular belief, these fish do not live in puddles, but in rice paddies where they get a varied diet. Variety is essential to their well-being

My fish was fine yesterday, eating and swimming around. (He looked a little tired last night but I don't know) but I woke up this morning and now he is on his side on the bottom of the tank, he is an only fish. Also, this morning I came into my room and my cat was on the desk so maybe she scared him Nitrite affects the blood by changing the haemoglobin bit that carries the oxygen, so fish gasp in trying to extract the oxygen they need from the water. Any signs of ammonia or nitrite are worrying. Do an immediate 50% water change, top up with dechlorinated tapwater and try to determine why the biological filter isn't working

The betta fish is and will forever be one of the most popular types of aquarium fish. THE 15 MOST POPULAR TYPES OF GOLDFISH Popular as prizes at carnivals and state fairs, goldfish are known for their orange-gold coloration, but they actually come in many colors and patterns Neon Tetra Disease, FishTankWeb.Com - You might want to know more about neon tetra disease. It is a blessing to raise this communal fish. They are entertaining and pretty calm. That is why they fit well for the big tank with various types of fishes When Oscar fish are ready to breed, common signs and behaviors for the mating process can often confuse fish owners into thinking that a fight to the death is taking place. The Oscar fish is a sometimes aggressive breed; it is not uncommon to see quarrelsome behavior This could explain why I lose my females first. 10g Setup - 08/2008 Just tested before a WC Ph- 8.2 Gh- 7 Kh- 11 Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 5-10 These stats are very typical of this tank. Also of note (maybe) a couple of my RCS developed a deep purple tone kinda between there sections, this happened shortly after adding them on 1/19/2010