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The one the phone comes with from the carrier is usually the best one for their towers. LTE is 4G. UMTS is 3G. GSM is 2G. CDMA is a totally different technology, used by Sprint and Verizon in the US, and some carriers elsewhere in the world. It can refer to 1x, which is like 2G or CDMA 2000, which is like 3G If you swapped your phone on sprint.com you can complete this step yourself. Android devices: The T-Mobile App Experience will automatically download to your device. Follow the prompts to install the correct T-Mobile Apps and remove the correct Sprint Apps. Apple devices: Apps can be manually added and removed. Apps on the Sprint Network

Sprint 4G LTE APN Settings for Android. Go to Settings, Connections, Mobile networks, Access Point Names on your Android.. Press Add on right top corner. If Android has already set values for 1 for any fields below leave them. Change the other fields as below Should I leave it on to lte/CDMA automatic. Automatic means it will automatically set the network type based on the carrier. Don't touch network settings if you don't know what they do. Automatic might roam on a Canadian network if you are close to a Canada and your service is weak If you select GSM/WCDMA (auto connect), your mobile phone automatically switches between the two network modes provided you're within range of a 3G network. If you select GSM only, you can't achieve high data speeds. If you select WCDMA only, your mobile phone can only connect to 3G networks. Tap the Home key to return to the home screen Now, it appears Sprint's network might be around for only about a year more. In a notice sent to its business customers, T-Mobile says it intends to shut down the Sprint CDMA Network on or.

Of Sprint's 5G offerings, that Samsung phone happens to already be compatible with T-Mobile's 5G network and no upgrade will be needed. This includes S20 premium models like the Ultra 5G and Plus.. Sprint's network does not transmit voice over LTE. The Nexus 5 has a single radio and cannot lock onto both an LTE signal and a 3G signal at the same time. So, when the phone is in LTE mode, it needs a way to switch to 3G for the duration of the call. When you receive a phone call, the network sends a signal to your phone to fallback to 3G. The major networks in the U.S. belong to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.In the table below, you can see which 3G and 4G LTE bands and frequencies these carriers put out. Figuring out which and how many of these signals your device works on will determine if a) if you can use your phone on the given network, and b) whether you'll have a good experience on that network So what could be 1 bar on Verizon, might be 2 bars on AT&T, 3 bars on Sprint, and 4 bars on T-Mobile. Completely subjective! There is no industry standard that ties cell phone signal strength to the number of bars on your phone. Even the difference between 4G and LTE is murky to most people. But there is the one true method T-Mobile and Sprint officially became one company this year, but Sprint's former network still exists as a separate entity. T-Mobile customers gained the ability to roam on Sprint's cell towers.

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  1. VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is the technology that provides voice service for your phone. Not only does VoLTE provide superior voice quality, it allows you to enjoy voice and data simultaneously. And now that Sprint has joined the T-Mobile family, you have access to expanded coverage on the T-Mobile network with capable devices
  2. LTE is 4G network as a your primary data connection and CDMA is 3G data connection. I think there is some confusion here. 1. You should be set to LTE if you have Verizon 4G in your area
  3. Sprint phones, like the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, will be able to work on T-Mobile's network. Lynn La/CNET Just because the merger has closed does not mean that your Sprint phone will no longer connect
  4. Next, go to the Sprint website. Under Activate at the top right-hand side of the screen, there is a dropdown menu. You should see an option there to activate your phone replacement. Have the new phone's box handy just in case you need any of the information there. There is a yellow tab that says Activate Your Phone
  5. Straight Talk AT&T Network. The APN settings for Straight Talk's AT&T Network are below. Enter these values into the APN section of your phone's Settings app. Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. In 2020, you have a lot of choices for prepaid wireless service. You may be able to save $100s per year.
  6. Connect to WiFi (if available) Go to the phone dialer. Enter: *#*#72786#*#*. Press send and confirm the reset. Allow the device to restart and go through the activation process. To network reset most Sprint phones you can dial ##72786# - These are the dial pad numbers for ##SCRTN# or SCRTN Reset
  7. To find out which network you're on, log in to My Account and click View Coverage on your dashboard. If it opens the Nationwide map, you're on the old Sprint network. If it opens the Expanded Data Network map, you're on the new network

Solved: I have an S10 Plus on Sprint (USA) network and my phone drops calls, doesn't show LTE, and flashes the Unable to establish - 68305 From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen. These instructions only apply to Standard mode and the default Home screen layout. Navigate: Settings > Connections > Mobile networks Make sure the right network mode is enabled. wait a couple of minutes — new network settings should be picked up by your phone automatically. If nothing happens, a good old reboot is always. In the standard settings view, select Mobile Networks under Wireless and Networks. If you're using the simplified view, selection Connections, followed by Mobile Networks. Once you're on the Mobile Networks menu, tap on your Network mode setting Check through your cell phone settings as follows: To unlock a Sprint phone running on Android, go to settings then mobile networks and select network operators, i.e., Setting > Mobile Networks > Network Operators. If there are no other network names present, then the device is unlocked. For an iPhone, go to settings then cellular and select.

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From your apps list, tap Settings > Network > Mobile networks. Tap Access Point Names, then tap the T-Mobile LTE APN (the bullet point fills with green). If not available, tap the Menu icon with three dots, and then tap Add APN. A separate APN must be added manually for the Reset to default option to appear Within the Sprint My Account interface, there are options to limit internet access. In fact, My Sprint account lets you access the target device and then access the Settings as well. And in the Settings panel, you can change the network settings and allow the device to access age-appropriate content 3G enables you to achieve higher data speeds than GSM. If you select GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode), your mobile phone automatically switches between the two network modes provided you're within range of a 3G network. If you select GSM only, you can't achieve high data speeds. If you select WCDMA only, your mobile phone can only connect to 3G networks Use your specific (six-digit MSL/SPC code) to program your phone manually. Many Sprint MVNOs allow you to view your MSL Code from in your account but you may need to contact your carrier if the MSL Code isn't listed. MSL is the acronym for Master Subsidy Lock. The MSL Code is different for each device. ##000000# 000000 ##000000# YE Updated Fix: In Mobile Networks, set Network mode as WCDMA only and restart your phone. Method #2 - Root your device and Install a Patch: Root your Galaxy device. Download from Google Play and install Busy Box on your device. Download this Ariza patch and install it on your Galaxy device. Now, open the app from the app drawer

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1. Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > WCDMA only. 2. Reboot phone. 3. If that doesn't work (it probably won't), put your phone into AIRPLANE MODE. 4. Take phone out of AIRPLANE MODE after 1 minute.5. Repeat step 1 but this time select your usual Network mode (mine is LTE/WCDMA/GSM). This should work These are steps that you should follow properly to setup the Sprint LTE 4G APN Settings on your mobile phone. For Android Users. Step 1: Go to Main menu. Step 2: Open Settings. Step 3: Click on Wireless Connections and more. Step 4: Again click on Mobile Networks. Step 5: Now Click on Access Point Names Well, GSM and CDM don't play well together. In fact, they don't play at all. If your phone is set to work on GSM, it won't work with CDMA, and vice versa. Thankfully, most phones work with.

Make sure that your phone is using the correct network mode that matches the one your carrier is using. For most GSM carriers you will need your phone to be set to 4G or LTE. Open Settings app Go check this, it fixed my problem with youtube app, restricted mode was greyed out, restricted by network administrator. My phone was blocked on the Blocked adult content and malware setting. I just unblock your phone number and press save afterwards

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A Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone, for example, can operate as either a CDMA phone (the mode used on Sprint in the US, with a Sprint account) or GSM (the mode you should switch to in Costa Rica). Once you land at the airport, you can switch to GSM mode (settings/connections/more networks/ mobile networks/network mode/chose GSM).* OR. 2 If you have a compatible Sprint phone, you can call in or go to the T-Mobile store to get a new SIM card and have your phone line converted to the T-Mobile network. It's not necessary to do so now (March, 2021) but eventually you will have to (unk.. 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G. When cell phone providers talk about a G, they mean a generation of wireless technology. Each generation is able to support more users and has better data transfer capabilities

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However, if this happens to your smartphone too often, the first thing you need to do is to check your smartphone's network settings and tweak some of the options there. Verizon Or Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S9 Mobile Network Settings: Proceed to the Settings app; Go to Connections; Head to the Mobile Network section; Choose Network Mode The 4G LTE Network Extender works in all 50 states, in Verizon coverage areas. It doesn't work outside of the US. Note: The LTE Network Extender can enhance your HD Voice or 4G LTE data coverage. It's not designed to enhance 1x voice or 3G data coverage. You may need to deploy a 3G Network Extender to service older 3G and 4G LTE mobile devices.

View Coverage Map on a full page and visit the Shop for Sprint Prepaid phone options. Nationwide Sprint Network. This tool provides high-level estimates of our wireless coverage. Coverage is not available everywhere and varies based on a number of factors. Our coverage maps provide high level estimates of our coverage areas when using your. I had a Sprint BlackBerry Bold and it was ideal for roaming data. It's one of those international phones with a GSM slot for a SIM card, and Sprint even provided a SIM card for such roaming. Then Sprint cancelled all international data roaming plans, rendering my international BlackBerry little more than a regular voice phone for traveling. #18

At the top of your screen, check the switch labelled Cellular Data. If the switch is currently flipped to the right, Cellular Data's enabled on your iPhone. Even if it's already on, try flipping the switch back and forth once to reset your Cellular connection. This can give your iPhone 12 a chance to freshly connect to your Cellular network All of the phones Sprint and T-Mobile have sold over the past year are compatible with each others' 4G networks. The new Galaxy S20 line works on both carriers' 5G networks, as do the 5G phones T.

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  1. There can be several reasons for Invalid SIM or No SIM card installed on your phone. Either your SIM card is not activated or the plan on it is not activated. Therefore, you should ensure your phone has an active plan with a wireless carrier. Also check whether your device is updated to the latest version or not
  2. Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S4 so you can use a different SIM card isn't the easiest thing in the world. In the states, unlocking cell phones was actually illegal, despite the White House's disapproval, though, a recent bill has making its way to the House floor and has made it legal again.. If you've purchased a GS4 with AT&T, T-Mobile, or another GSM provider on a contract, then your phone.
  3. imum Use UnlockBoot to Permanently Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy A51, A50, A20, A10 and A10e If you want a reliable and quick method for permanently unlocking your phone, UnlockBoot is most definitely your solution

4. Save your new APN settings, then select them from the APN list on your device. Wipe Cache Partition from Recovery. On your phone, there's a fair portion of your device's memory dedicated to the cache - where data for various apps and processes is stored on the backburner, activating automatically so that these apps and processes boot up more quickly on your device Thank you again! Sprint IT really needs to do better since I spoke to three representatives and none of them mentioned this. Update 5 (June 12, 2021) Multiple users on Sprint network have shared what exactly worked for them. You can give it a try: This worked for me: Log into your sprint go to preferences then limits and permissions If the IP Address displayed under Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection is either 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x, then the modem should be bridged. Call your Internet Service Provider to set the modem to bridge mode. You can also try changing LAN IP address of router

The A640's GPS location technology pinpoints your exact location when you dial 911 (where available). Perhaps most importantly for users in rural areas, the A640 is a tri-mode phone, meaning it can operate on Sprint's digital PCS network, as well as analog networks that serve many outlying areas Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 to use with a different SIM card? One possible reason is that you love your phone, but not your cellular provider because of the poor service or an unreliable connection. If you purchased a Samsung GS3 with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. on a contract, it might be locked for a specific amount of time called the contract period For Android on Sprint, go to Settings>>Networks>>Mobile Networks>>Enhanced 4G LTE Mode. Turn it to On. If you don't see it or can't turn it on, call up Sprint and ask about adding it to your.

Which network mode should you choose on your phone? Clinton Madegwa Updated on 07/02/2018. In the modern set up, internet has become one of the basic utilities alongside water and electricity. With the prevalence and penetration of smartphones and other connected devices, so has mobile internet technology. 2G, 3G and now 4G are terms that have. Before a person gets too giddy about the idea of unlocking a phone, they should know that activating a Sprint device on a different network is not always as easy as one might think. Both Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers. So one would think that since they use the same technology, Sprint phones would be easy to activate on a Verizon service I have a Moto G 5th which works well with T-Mobile (in marked contrast to my unlocked-after-the-fact AT&T Galaxy S7 Active and factory-unlocked ZTE Axon 7 which worked poorly on T-Mobile) I can get to the phone antenna/etc setup by dialing #*#*4636*#*# Set Preferred Network Type came with LTE/UTMS auto (PRL) I am a T-Mobile customer

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Use Sprint AIRAVE. Another great option for your home is a Sprint AIRAVE, a type of FemtoCell. It creates a small area of cell signal in your home using Internet. You plug the base station into your router, and it will create an area of cellular signal about 40 feet from the base station. Up to 6 people can use their phone at the same time. T-Mo has already been repurposing some of Sprint's network to aid in its rollout of 2.5GHz 5G, but it'll be a while before T-Mobile is able to shut down the old Sprint network completely. That.

In the US you're only using CDMA anyway -- so it would be better for battery life to switch to CDMA (only). North America (including the Caribbean), and most cruise ships, are covered with CDMA. So you should only need global mode if you travel to South America, Europe, Africa or the Pacific Rim. -- Dan. Jan 15, 2011. Thread Starter If in your locality, the sprint not too good, then you might have network issues on your boost mobile. The network coverage of Sprint mobile has been a subject of debate in recent times. There are divided opinions on how effective the Sprint network is, and, where it ranks among the four major powers in the United States of America Of the Big 4 wireless phone carriers in the U.S. — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint — Sprint and T-Mobile are the kings (or queens) of lower prices. Either one will give you cheaper monthly plan rates than AT&T or Verizon, and often some sweet perks to boot Also, UICC is the reason for some Sprint phone lost multimedia messaging features and network issues even AFTER the phone is unlocked. What to do for Sprint UICC Activation? If you get that errors show up, the first thing we would suggest is by flashing U1 firmware. This is official release Universal firmware of the phone Swapping out SIM cards won't let you use your IMEI-blocked Sprint phone in the U.S., but it will allow you to sell your phone to a foreign buyer. Worldwide, there is a healthy market for used GSM-enabled phones, so you shouldn't encounter much trouble finding a buyer - just make sure they are aware your IMEI is blocked in the U.S. before.

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  1. Turn Your Phone On and Off 10 Activate Your Phone 11 Phone Settings Menu 13 Phone Number 14 Airplane Mode 14 Enter Text 14 Select a Text Input Mode 14 Abc Mode 15 XT9 Smart Input 15 Text Entry Options 16 Copy and Paste Text 16 Lock and Unlock Your Phone 17 Sprint Mobile Sync 98 Connect Your Phone to Your Computer 99 File Manager 10
  2. 1x is the oldest cellular network used currently by Sprint's CDMA service. Think of it as AT&T's 2G EDGE network but for CDMA not GSM. Same idea, incredibly slow download speeds of 153 kilobits per second. Yea you read that correct 153 kilobits pe..
  3. ute and Restart your device. This should fix the problem. 4. Swap SIM cards. And in extreme scenario, if you are not left with any other option then turn your phone OFF remove the SIM cards re-insert your SIM in.
  4. If the IP Address displayed under Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection is either 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x, then the modem should be bridged. Call your Internet Service Provider to set the modem to bridge mode. You can also try changing LAN IP address of router
  5. When the transition from Sprint to T-Mobile begins, coverage should improve greatly for Tello subscribers particularly if their phone has support for all the LTE bands described above. And for the best coverage possible, subscribers will want a phone that can tap into T-Mobile's low-band and mmWave networks as well as Sprint's mid-band 5G spectrum
  6. The primary purpose of Signal Spy is to keep track of your Fi network history and allow force-switching to T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular whenever you choose. Typically, force-switches are not needed, as Fi takes responsibility for connecting to the best possible service, but it is a great option for troubleshooting connection issues

Bring your own phone and keep your phone number. Sprint MVNOs. What if you like the Sprint network but not Sprint prices? Check out MVNOs that operate on the Sprint network. Tello. Extremely flexible build-your-own plans. All plans include tethering and calls to Canada, China, and Mexico Sprint may be one of the Big Four in the mobile industry, but in many ways it acts like a budget carrier. The company's prices trend lower than other major players, it offers free international coverage, and its phone deals are on-the-hook!(Sorry about that one) T-Mobile sells the phone for $699.99 while Sprint's price tag comes in $100 lower. Both T-Mobile and Sprint offer high-value family plans. Two lines with T-Mobile each cost $58; Sprint's per line cost is $54. Three lines at T-Mobile each cost $39; $41 at Sprint. Four lines at both carriers each cost $35 Sprint uses a CDMA network, whereas T-Mobile uses GSM. Historically, that meant Sprint phones don't play well on other wireless carriers, like AT&T and T-Mobile (with several exceptions)

Try using your mobile network again to check if it works. Check your phone's signal bar. You need strong network coverage to access the internet. In case your network signal reads Emergency, blank, or unstable, you won't be able to access the internet or even make phone calls CMDA phones will not work on a GSM network and vice versa, but if your device is compatible with both types of networks, you can use your phone with any carrier. AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM network while Sprint and Verizon use CMDA. Therefore, you wouldn't be able to use an AT&T-compatible device with Sprint's network Simply turn on and off your, Airplane mode if you have moved some distance. It should reconnect to another faster network like for example 4G, if 4G signals are strong enough at the new spot where you're using your phone. If you have been using the wrong or unavailable connectivity on your phone, chances are that your cell phone data is very. How to change the network mode on my Samsung smartphone. Go to Mobility support. Go to Mobility support. Step 1 of 7. Swipe up or down to view the apps. 1. Swipe up or down to view the apps. Images may not be exactly as shown. Step 2 of 7 Open the Phone application on your iPhone and enter *3001#12345#*. Note that this number must be entered exactly as shown to properly activate Field Test Mode. Press Call. Once dialed, this will immediately open to Main Menu of the Field Test mode application on your iPhone. From the Main Menu, select LTE

How to Unlock a Sprint Phone For Free. Now to unlock your Sprint phone, you do have several ways. Here we listed some of the methods from which you can unlock sprint phone of yours without having an extra hassle. Method 1: Take Help of Local Phone Shop To Unlock Phone To manually check for and install a carrier settings update: Make sure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Tap Settings > General > About. If an update is available, you'll see an option to update your carrier settings. To see the version of carrier settings on your device, tap Settings > General > About and look next.

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Another option is to test your phone with another SIM card to see if the issue originates in the phone or the card. There's also an extra little trick to rebooting your phone that could help: Before rebooting, turn on Airplane Mode. Wait for 30 seconds, then turn Airplane Mode off. If you still don't have data, turn airplane mode back on. Note that unlocking your Boost device doesn't necessarily mean it will work on another carrier because Boost Mobile uses the Sprint Mobile CDMA network. However, customers can take advantage of these portals to unlock a sprint phone for free and port in the number to Boost Mobile or unlock boost mobile iPhone and use it on Sprint In that case, your phone would assume you are away from your home network, and that you are roaming. Thus, your phone would display that you have a roaming signal. Another possible reason is that your SIM may be connecting to a network that is being sued by more than one provider. One example is the many subsidiaries of AT&T How Dish Network saved the T-Mobile Sprint merger. The satellite TV provider was an unlikely savior. Now the big question is whether it will deliver on its promises

5. Switch back to 2G or 3G network In some areas, we see that the signal strength of the 4G network weak. Our cellphones are designed to make the network mode switch automatically when the signal reception of a particular mode is weak, however, the the devices keep on pushing the priority network mode and this may result in frequent call drops Verizon users: to connect to the Express network, your username will be your 10-digit phone number followed by the string @vzw3g.com, e.g. 4235551212@vzw3g.com, with the password vzw For example, when you go out to purchase your Samsung Galaxy S10 and, say, you buy it from AT&T, you realize that the phone is locked strictly to the AT&T network and, therefore, cannot be used on a Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or any other SIM card. When you insert a different SIM card, your phone gets disabled until you insert the right carrier.

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Subscribe to our YouTube Channel . TNX and the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger. The T-Mobile Network Experience is the current next step in the process of combining the T-Mobile and Sprint networks following the formal merger of the two firms that took place earlier this year. The legal merger was the end of a two-year process, but it also marked the beginning of the long and difficult process of. Turn your phone On by pressing and holding the Power button > The phone will contact Sprint's network and automatically provision/activate > you will see the message Hands Free Activation, Contacting Network > Once activation is complete, you will see the message Your device has been activated, Press the soft key under the OK to continue. Open the Android SIM Unlock software. Connect your Android phone on to your PC. When your device is detected by the software, click next. Dial ##3424#/*#0808#/#9090# to set your device in service mode/USB settings/diagnostic. On your phone select M+MODEM+ADB or UART [*] or CDMAMODEM and click unlock. Once the unlocking process is completed dial. Verizon and Sprint — they're 2 of the biggest wireless phone carriers in the world, and part of the Big 4 networks providers in the U.S. Surely you've heard of them?. There are stark differences between the two: Verizon regularly places as #1 for network coverage and speed in 3rd-party tests like those run by OpenSignal and RootMetrics, often placing them in first place for the Big 4

To transfer files from your phone to PC / Mac: 1. Connect your Cat S48c to your PC / Mac via USB cable. 2. On the Cat S48c notification tray, tap the Use USB to notification and select Transfer files. 3. The Cat S48c will now be visible on the PC / Mac. 4. Open the Cat S48c via the PC / Mac to explore files Ultimately, the second agent I spoke with said that I should be able to go to my local Sprint store, where they would be able to somehow get me a two-factor authentication code and sign in Your odds are worst at the so-called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) owned by Sprint itself. Virgin Mobile USA requires you to buy a phone from them , while Boost Mobile only accepts a. If you're an AT&T, Verizon or Sprint iPhone customer and are planning, at any point during your trip, to use a data network to access the web or use emails, you are strongly advised to get some sort of plan (unless you plan to buy a SIM card in Europe for your phone). Otherwise, it will cost you Verify the functionality of your phone and if you're now able to connect to your carrier network, then you are done with this post. The last thing you need to do is to Factory Reset your smartphone

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One million Sprint customers are in for a big T-Mobile surprise next week. Because the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint has been such a long time coming, it wasn't exactly surprising to see the nation's third-largest wireless service provider meaningfully improve its network starting the very day the deal was officially completed • 5G Phones: Tap into some of the fastest cell phone networks in the US with our 5G smartphones. With our latest tech right in the palm of your hand, you can watch videos seamlessly, take photos in brilliant color & clarity, surf the web, send emails, deliver text messages, work on documents or just kick back with social media - all at.