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YaraVita fertilizer is a complete line of nutrient products that ensure crops get everything they need and that growers gain more from optimally performing crops. The range includes foliar sprays and plant biostimulants, as well as fertilizer and seed coatings. Each YaraVita formulation delivers a specific nutrient or nutrient mix exactly when. YARA Tanzania, the leading manufacturer and supplier of fertilizer in the country has launched a new product dubbed 'MiCROP' in Kigoma Region to help maize and rice smallholders increase production. Launching the new product in Kasulu over the weekend and witnessed the government officials, farmers, distributors and the press, the firm's.

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MiCrop D, our new planting g fertilizer has been developed with the Zambian smallholder farmer in mind, taking into account the typical soil conditions in Zambia, as well as what micronutrients deficiencies the crops have most in Zambia. A good harvest brings prosperity for all! For more information on the product, please contact the local office Small growers will benefit a lot for using MiCROP as their incomes will improve and double food production, he said. According to Mr Mwakipesile, the fertilizer which is blended locally at the YARA plant in Dar es Salaam has won confidence of farmers since its official launching in the country Yara MiCrop Fertilizer for Maize July 06, 2021 Crop Nutrition Coffee . Understanding the nutrition of coffee July 06, 2021 Crop Nutrition Tomato . Understanding Tomato Crop Fertilization July 06, 2021 Onions. The farmer's toolbox is a collection of tools help you to make better nutrient decisions to choose the right fertiliser and apply the right amount of nutrients at the right time and in the right place so that the crop yield and quality are maximised whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilisation and protecting the environment

Yara liquid fertilisers contain combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur in a range of true solution products for use on any crop. Calcium nitrate fertilisers. YaraLiva fertilisers contain fast-acting nitrate nitrogen, alongside strength-building calcium and boron for high value field crops. Urea fertilisers Yara East Africa has introduced a micro-nutrient fertiliser, Yara Microp, targeting to improve maize yields in Western Kenya. Regional agronomist Kefa Maranga said soil analysis in the region.

Yara Microp fertilizer is a micronutrient fertilizer that provides extra nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Sulphur and Zinc to the maize crop, allowing it to grow healthier and stronger Yara Kenya has been in operation in Kenya for the past 20 years; importing and distributing fertilizer to Kenyan farmers. Yara intends to bring more knowledge focus to farmers to develop agriculture through increasing farm profitability. Yara is the maker of the well-known Chapa Meli brand of fertilizers, and in addition to DAP, CAN, Urea, Yara. Known as MiCROP, the fertilizer brand is now available at retail agr0-inputs shops in the country, said YARA Tanzania Managing Director, Winstone Odhiambo during the launch. Odhiambo said the new blended fertilizer which targets smallholder farmers has Zinc and Sulphur micronutrients that are required for stronger and better crop yields the newly launched yara microp fertilizer gets to bungoma farmers read more → feb 16 2021. general fertilizer_distribution read more. KNA Yara East Africa Ltd has launched a new fertiliser brand by the name Microp to provide farmers with an alternative product. The company's marketing manager John Meshack said the fertiliser has been proportionately blended so as to increase the crop yields

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2. Spring NPKS increases yields. Spring applied NPKS has been shown to give a yield response in wheat and barley when compared to autumn applied phosphate and potash. Trials by NIAB/TAG have shown that spring applications of NPKS compound fertilizers can increase yields by, on average, .3t/ha (0.12t/acre) in winter wheat and winter barley Schweizer Agri is an agriculture, agribusiness, agro-processing commodity aggregation hub and collateral management company facilitating and promoting trade in soft commodities such as fertilizers, chemicals, genetic seeds, seed production, grain storage, fish, beef, poultry and renewable energy production


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By Brigton makori. Kisii County Agriculture Executive Committee Member, Esman Onsarigo has urged manufacturers of fertilizers to conduct research on soil samples and produce fertilizers of quality to boost farming. The officer said some fertilizers used by farmers had a lot of acid, spoilt the soil and contributed poor yields of agricultural produce, leading to food insecurity Conduct research on soil samples and produce fertilizers of quality to boost farming Manufactures urged as Yara launchs MiCROP fertilizer. 4 months ago BRIGHTON MAKORI By Brigton makori In August 2020, Yara East Africa produced a micronutrient fertilizer, Yara Microp, to improve maize yields in Western Kenya. Yara Microp is a blended product with ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and zinc, enabling maize crops to grow faster and produce higher yields PADDDY and maize growers in Kigoma, Songwe and Iringa regions remain upbeat on newly introduced nutrient- rich MiCROP fertiliser. The fertiliser is distributed by Yara Tanzania, whose Commercial Manager John Meshack said in Mafinga that their company was not only happy about the emerging development, but was following-up closely the consumption trend so that future production corresponds with. Fertilizers. Yara launches new maize fertiliser for western Kenya. Y ara East Africa has introduced a micro-nutrient fertiliser, Yara Microp, targeting to improve maize yields in Western Kenya.

Yara Tanzania Ltd. Yesterday at 2:24 AM ·. Jumamosi, O5 Sept, Nzega , Tabora; Naibu Waziri waKilimo Mhe. Hussein Bashe (MB. Nzega) @bashehussein pamoja na Mkuu wa mkoa wa Tabora Dkt. Philemon Sengati walizindua mradi wa #Action Africawa kampuni ya YARA Tanzania katika hafla ya kukabidhi msaada wa mbolea kwa jamii ya wakulima katika kanda ya ziwa

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