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Step 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour 2 - 8 inch round pans. In a small bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda and salt; set aside. Advertisement. Step 2. In a large bowl, cream butter, white sugar and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in eggs, one at a time Iliana MestariGetty Images. Of all the birthday cake trends out there, number cakes — cakes in the shape of the age one is turning — might be the best. T=hey can be tricky to create and.

I detail how to create the number 1 shaped cake above. But in a nutshell, you will cut the square cake into 3 even rectangles, and use these to form the number one . I save the excess piece from the top of the number 1 to create a smash cake for the baby; Prepare the fruit This recipe is for a number 1 cake, however if you are using a different number tin follow our simple guide to calculate how much cake mixture you will need to make. 45 m Total Time. 15 m Prep Time. 30 m Bake Time. 12 Serves. Easy. Method. Method; Ingredients; Reviews (3) Step 1

Make the Batter. You can use a standard packaged cake mix or make your own. Just follow the recipe or instructions on the cake box as usual. Gather the Inserts. The pan comes with 8 inserts and a blue triangle cutting tool. Find the letter or number you are making on the diagram that came with the pan (or see here). Prepare the Pan Tint 1 cup rose. Tint 1/4 cup violet (combine Rose and Violet) Reserve 1 1/2 cups white (thin with 5 teaspoons light corn syrup) Click to mark this step as completed. 2. Decorate in Order. Ice sides of cake smooth in thinned yellow icing. Click to mark this step as completed. 3 SUBSCRIBE to the Today's Parent channel: http://bit.ly/1sv2xFrMaking number cakes is as easy as one, two, three! Follow along as we make the cakes and use th.. How to make a number cake with a decorated layer cake! For this cake I used my Perfect Chocolate Cake (https://youtu.be/gJqNhpO-DFs) and my 4 Minute Buttercr.. How to Make a Number Cake. In this video, you'll see how to make a number cake out of a basic rectangular sheet cake. Perfect for kids' birthdays. To get started making your own number cake, you'll need some sheet cake recipes. Then, head over to our blog to learn tips and techniques for how to decorate cakes to make your number cake truly.

how to make a number 1 cake - YouTub

Draw around the inside of your numbers onto the greaseproof paper and cut them out. Put these to one side for now. To create the 'bottom', place the number onto a sheet of tinfoil, then, fold up the sides of the tinfoil tightly around the number. To properly line the tin, paint the inside with cake release From the age of one to 101, a number cake is a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday. Fun themes and numerical cake shapes are a formula for birthday success, and with added inspo from the Mum's Grapevine Facebook community, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (or thereabouts!) to create a memorable cake. Here's how to create a number cake, plus 29 designs that will score a 10 and go down in family.

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  1. utes until a knife inserted in the centre of the cake comes out clean. To Assemble The Cake
  2. g Number 1 Cake is a great way to celebrate your big day. Made using a shaped cake pan, then decorated with various rosettes, mums and stars, this cake is a sure to be a party-pleaser. Have fun mixing and matching icing colors to create a design that best suits your occasion
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  1. To make the best number cake for the birthday of your loved ones you must follow these steps: 1. Go trough ingredient list and make sure you have all the ingredients ready. 2. To avoid mistakes, before you start making the cake, read the recipe instructions at least one time and watch the full video. Make sure you understand the whole process
  2. Four Racetrack Number Cake. Four cars on a number four cake. See how you can make it here. Number 5 Cake. You will need both the round and square tins. View some cakes here: Batman 5 Number Cake. Have the caped crusader join your party in the form of this number 5 cake. Wow! Frozen-Themed Number Cake. The Frozen Fever is still on. Just ask.
  3. Number 1 Cake.. Number 5. Number 1 Cake With Teddy And Building Blocks
  4. In today's video, I'm sharing how to create this beautiful pastel number cake without using any special tins or molds. I'll show you how to easily create all..
  5. Number One Birthday Cake. Article by Cake Central. 895. Number One Cake Number Cakes Number Birthday Cakes Birthday Cake Girls Birthday Ideas Teddy Bear Cakes Girl Cakes Cute Cakes Creative Cakes
  6. Cut away ½ of the second cake to make the top half of the 3. This cake will be rotated to fit above the first cake to make a 3 shape. Make sure you brush away any crumbs after you finish cutting. Arrange the 2 cakes in a number 3 shape. The ½ cake should be on top, with one cut end touching the outside of the ¾ cake
  7. Number Cake Using a Mold. Lekue silicone cake molds are available in numbers 0-9. You can create your own number combination for a special birthday party celebration. An easy yet elegant way to decorate a cake is with a variety of berries. I love the look of leaving the leaves on the strawberries. Lekue Number 9 Cake Mold

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How to create easy number cakes, no special tins required. I found these great little tutorials on how to create easy number cakes just using your standard round and square tins from the Cakeulater. Happy Baking!! Like this: Like. Loading... Like. Be the first to like this. Image Posted on October 1, 2013 by preparedwithlovecaketoppers Tell your guests to check out the cake. By Today's Parent April 3, 2016. Illustrations: Sun Ngo. Download and print this sheet and let the cake fun begin. Today's Parent - Pregnancy, baby, toddler advice for Canadian parents. Play Video Working with one letter at a time, place one layer of the number onto a cake platter. Using a pastry bag fitted with a large round tip, pipe the whipped cream frosting over the cake in dollops. You can choose to evenly spread the frosting too

Numbers 1 10 Template Printable Number 4 Cake 6 Inch from free printable cake templates , source:metformin.inf A yolk from a large egg weighs about 2/3 ounce. One way to balance the eggs with the fat and to get a smoother cake is to add extra yolks. You could use one egg plus three yolks for a total of about 3-3/4 ounces. The liquid (including the eggs) should weigh the same as, or more than, the sugar. Our recipe now has 7 ounces sugar and 3-1/2 or 3-3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour two 10 inch cake pans. Step 3. In a large bowl, beat eggs until light. Gradually beat in the white sugar, oil and vanilla. Stir in the pineapple. Combine the flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon, stir into the wet mixture until absorbed. Finally stir in the carrot mixture and the.

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Step 1. Preheat oven to 350°. Coat 2 (8x8) baking pans with baking spray and dust with a thin layer of flour. Advertisement. Step 2. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat the softened butter at medium speed, gradually adding sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy, about 4-5 minutes Sheet cakes are one of the best forms of cake to make for a crowd because they do not require very much layering or structural support and they're easy to transport. Plus, a slice of sheet cake lends itself well to skilled piping work or other edible decorations. That being said, it can be tricky to determine which size sheet cake is best for. Elmo Cookie Cutter. Oscar the Grouch Cookie Cutter. Big Bird Cookie Cutter. Grover Cookie Cutter. I printed out a Sesame Street nameplate and traced it over the fondant. I also used a circle cookie cutter to make a half circle for the top of the sign. As for the letters, I used fondant letter cutters for his name Diapers. One or two packs of diapers (depending on the size of the pack, of course) may be enough for a small to medium size diaper cake, but you can also go much larger and use more diapers if you wish! As a rough guide: the base may require 20 and 60 diapers, the second tier about 10 to 40 diapers, and the third tier 5 to 20 diapers

The Happy Buddy turned 5 on the 3rd of July and I really wanted to make him a special birthday cake to celebrate. I almost gave up and called the Publix bakery after looking on Pinterest and seeing so many intricate, difficult, you-might-need-a-culinary-arts-degree-to-make-it cakes. But then I saw a few Number 5 cakes and knew [ How to Make DIY Cake Toppers with a Pre-Made Design or a Custom Name or Phrase! Step 1: Get my free DIY Cake Topper Template. Get the free cake topper designs and templates (Design #175) from my free resource library (get the password to the library in the form at the bottom of this post). Step 2: Prepare Your Cake Topper for Cuttin Smartie one. 1. Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F. Grease and line two 8cm x 25cm (3¼-inch x 10-inch) bar cake pans. 2. Make cake according to directions on packet; divide mixture evenly between pans. Bake about 25 minutes. Stand cakes in pans 5 minutes; turn onto a wire rack to cool Use a pie tin to cut two circles out of the rectangle cake. Place a pie tin on one side of the 9 x 13 inch (23 x 33 cm). Run a knife around the corners of the pie tray to cut out one circle. This is one of Minnie's ears. Then, cut out a second circle the same way, leaving a small gap of cake between the two circles

One box of cake mix will fill two round, 6-inch or 7-inch cake pans. One 8-inch round cake pan uses approximately 3 1/2 cups of batter, while one 10-inch round pan uses 6 cups. Sheet Cakes. The standard 9-inch by 13-inch cake can be made with one box of mix. A 12-inch by 18-inch sheet pan uses 14 cups of cake batter, requiring just over two. Let cake cool completely, about 2 hours. Just before serving, place strawberries in a bowl with brown sugar. Stir and let sit for about 5-10 minutes to become syrupy. Run a knife along the edge and center tube of cake. Invert onto a cake plate and give the cake a few good shakes. If the cake does not release, repeat the steps Different cake pan sizes and bake times. Click here for a handy table of different cake pan sizes, bake times and cake height. This Vanilla cake will work with the following cake pan sizes: 2 x 20cm / 8″ cake pan - my base recipe (I like the cake height, slightly tall), 30 minutes. 3 x 20cm / 8″ cake pan - 21 minutes (if all one one shelf).). Otherwise, put 2 on middle shelf and 1 pan. Take time to make a test cake and keep careful notes. You should use a recipe specifically designed to be a wedding cake as it will ensure that it is sturdy enough and that it makes the right amount of batter and icing. For a three-tier cake, you need to make three cakes of 12, 9 and 6, as well as a massive amount of icing Once the cakes are completely cool, it's time to frost them. Choose from basic buttercream icing, cream cheese frosting, ganache, or whipped cream. If you have two round cakes, put one top side down on the serving platter and frost it. Then put the second cake on top and frost the top and sides. Make swirls as decoration, if desired

1. Place the first cake layer on a cardboard cake round or turntable. Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size as your cake pan and set it on a turntable. Spoon a dab of frosting on the center of the cardboard then set the bottom layer of chilled cake directly onto it. Put the cake top or cut-side down Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Make a cake to remember, right down to the letter. With this pan set, you can make cakes in the shape of all 26 letters of the alphabet or any numbers from 0-9 using the included inserts. The 14.5 x 9-inch rectangular pan has a grid bottom that holds the inserts securely and prevents batter. The number of diapers you will need to make a diaper cake depends on how big you'd like your finished cake to be and how many layers you plan to make. More diapers equals a bigger cake. However, here's a diaper cake sizing guide that will help you estimate how many diapers to buy How to Make a Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake Fro m mythical creatures to playful superheroes these cute cupcake cake ideas will be the talk of birthdays to come. Sarah Tramonte, Taste of Home's Associate Culinary Producer, didn't just create these tasty treats with presentation in mind, but she made sure each recipe was easy to make, too 1. The Easiest Smash Cake — A Bundt Cake. Mama, stop greasing those six round cake pans, you're not a busy bee, reach into the back of your cupboard and grab the bundt cake pan. Layer cakes are oh so pretty when you slice neatly into them, sure. But that's not what the smash cake is about

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Editor's tip: If you have a lazy Susan, using one to spin the cake as you smooth the sides can help create a cleaner, more professional finished cake. If the walls of your cake have thin spots or areas where chocolate is peeking through, use the reserved vanilla ice cream to repair I use 3 mixes and the baking strips and it works ok. 4 mixes would make a nice tall cake! eieio1234 Posted 17 Mar 2007 , 11:31am. post #4 of 12 I use 2 in each, then trim the dome off and stack them, it makes the cake a bit higher, which looks nice. It's only around a dollar for each (if I get them at WalMart, not my supermarket) and that's. Learn how to pipe beautiful rosettes, big and small, to add charming floral accents. Rosettes are a great way to create quick decorations. Different tips create different petal effects. Rosettes can be used to add a simple floral accent to a dessert or to cover a cake or cupcake Make one of these cookies plain and serve it up with ice cream for a simple dessert that's just as tasty as a classic chocolate chipper. Cookie Cake Tips and Tricks This recipe is simple and sweet, but there are a few tricks to making this cake and keeping it fresh Turn on the mixer and stir up 0.75 c (180 ml) butter and 1.75 c (410 ml) sugar in a large mixing bowl until they create a fluffy consistency. X Research source If you don't have a mixer, you'll need to mix the butter and sugar by hand using a spoon spatula

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Even more, the number of eggs tends to impact the taste as well. The cake with eggs was more like a baked custard or the pudding. In the case of the eggless batter, the cake will have the raw flour taste. Even more, it directly influenced the structure. For instance, the eggless cake tends to be more compact and denser with a thin/short layer Hello and welcome to the cooking foodie! Here you can find big verity of recipes. Dessert recipes, main dishes, breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, healthy recipes,cakes, vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes and many more recipes. In every recipe page you can find written recipe and video recipe

Pull Apart Cupcake Cake #18: Love the swirly pastel rainbow frosting on this one! This Rainbow Butterfly Cupcake Cake is so creative and cute, and the tiny cupcake wings make it even more adorable! Pull Apart Cupcake Cake #19: Your little princess will adore this pink Princess Cupcake Cake May 14, 2021 - Explore Pint Sized Baker's board Cake Pops, followed by 30864 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cake pops, cake, cupcake cakes

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1. Heat oven to 350°F. Generously spray 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray. 2. Make cake mix as directed on box, using water, butter and eggs. Pour batter into pan. Bake and cool as directed for 13x9-inch pan. 3. Run knife around side of pan to loosen cake; remove cake from pan to serving plate or tray Cookie Cutter Number 1 Cutter Number 1 - Evil Cake Genius Make intricate cake and cookie designs easily with Evil Cake Genius Stencils and decorating tools.Shop today and get free U.S Shipping orders $90 or More Step 2: Bake Cake. First we need to bake our cake. I just used a traditional chocolate cake mix. You can use your own favorite cake recipe here or use a cake mix from the store. I baked mine in a 10 inch round cake pan. Then let your cake cool completely. Take it out of the pan and place on a cake board

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  1. Fill pans 1/2 to 2/3 full. 3 In. High Cakes (Using 3 in. High Pans) The figures for 3 in. pans are based on a one-layer cake which is torted and filled to reach 3 in. high; fill pans 1/2 full. For any pans 3 in. deep and 12 in. diameter or larger, we recommend using a heating core to ensure even baking
  2. 1. Sprinkles over Vanilla Mock Cream. Perfect when you're celebrating your baby's first birthday. Just cut out a number one from paper, place it on the cake and sprinkle sprinkles over the top - and then carefully remove the one!. We have a delicious recipe on how to make mock cream - and it is so delicious and perfect for birthday cakes
  3. Tiered Wedding Cakes . Most ceremonial wedding cakes are made with two or more layers of cake, with icing between each layer. Slices are typically 4 inches high and 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. When estimating the size of a wedding cake, assume the serving size will be at least that big and then figure out how many are needed for the guest count
  4. The perfect cake for their birthday would have to be a dinosaur cake. And yes, your in luck because..dinosaur cakes happen to be one of the easiest cakes to make! Let's be honest. Not all of us have the means to be able to purchase a professional cake for birthday parties, and the thoughts of making one can be kinda scary too
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20 Animal Cake Designs. With our easy step-by-step birthday cake patterns you can make an impressive animal-themed cake for your next bash. First, we showed you how to make 31 amazing birthday cakes step-by-step. Now we've got a whole new batch of 30 more showstopper cakes that'll be the talk of every birthday party Only fill the cake pan to 2/3 high. Use the center rack of the oven for even cooking. Rotate the Pan. Halfway through the cooking time, rotate the pan 180 degrees. Done. The cake is done when it's.

Option 1: Make your own unique diaper cake: form a half circle diaper cake around this tree stump plush toy. It is adorable! Option 2: Create a cool tree stump out of diapers. Secure the tiers with dowels. Wrap a brown blanket around the stump. Put woodland plush toys on top of the cake and next to it. 13 Transfer batter to the prepared pan. Bake for about 1 hour 20 to 30 minutes or until a tester comes out clean or with dry crumbs. (The internal temperature of the cake will be 200°F when fully cooked.) Allow cake to cool on a wire rack for 15 to 20 minutes before inverting on a tray to cool completely 1. Gather the Supplies. A drip cake is all about the finishing touch, aka the drip. You can use this technique on a number of different cake styles, including single-layer cakes and cupcakes, but.

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  1. Take whatever the instructions on your box call for and divide it in half. Half of 1/2 cup = 1/4 cup or 4 tablespoons. Half of 1/3 cup = 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons. I usually make our cake mix with olive oil or avocado oil but you can use any vegetable oil you want. If you use coconut oil (in a liquid state), just make sure the other.
  2. 1. Select a Cake Design. Start with any design you'd like from beautiful shapes to your favorite themes. 2. Select Any Ice Cream. Choose from classic favorites like Vanilla, Rocky Road, and Chocolate, or from new additions like our Flavor of the Month. Explore All Flavors. 3. Select Your Cake*
  3. Totally unique and completely bespoke, our 21st cake designs are all personalised to include a name , age, special message and even a photo to make the perfect twenty-first birthday cake. You'll find the perfect 21st birthday cake here! Any Age Champagne Cake. Any Age Rainbow Cake. Any Age Floral Number Cake. 21st Birthday Black Marble Cake
  4. Basic Formula to Price a Cake. I like use the formula below to calculate the price of a custom cake. I use this for smaller custom cakes, rather than wedding cakes (which are usually priced by the number of servings ). Cake Price = Labor (hours of estimated work x your hourly rate) + Cost of Ingredients + Overhead

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  1. A half sheet cake provides 36 to 108 servings, depending on how it is sliced. Commercially prepared half sheet cakes are often made by assembling two 9-by-13-inch cakes on a cake board. Before baking a half sheet cake, butter and flour the cake pans, and add a layer of parchment paper to the bottom of each pan
  2. You can use any color combination you want for the mane. The unicorn face looks best with a tall cake, which is why I use two box mixes in this recipe baked in 8-inch cake pans. You can make a smaller cake using one box mix and 6-inch cake pans. Fondant accessories should be made a day before frosting and assembling the cake
  3. Acquire materials needed for the cake (can be found on back of cake box). To make a two-layered cake, you will need two round pans of the same size (8 or 9 inches is perfect). These pans can become expensive so if unable to purchase or find two of the same size, one can be used This is also the point to take into account dietary restrictions
  4. Bake according to instructions. 2.Once cakes are cooled, stack them on top of each other on a cake stand or cake plate. 3. Using a knife, cut out a shallow piece from 1/4 of the cake (as shown in the picture below) Once the cake is done, it will give the effect that the monster truck is going up a hill. 4

First, using a large serrated knife, slice a thin layer off the tops of the cakes to create a flat surface. Discard (or crumble over ice cream!). Place 1 cake layer on your cake stand, cake turntable, or serving plate. Spread 1 and 1/2 cups of frosting evenly on top. If using, dot half of the raspberries around the rim Baker Adam Cox knows a thing or two about sponge, having made cakes for a number of celebrity customers, including Ralph Lauren, Damien Hirst, Jonathan Ross and Jimmy Carr The best thing about cake is that it comes in many forms. You can serve it stacked in any number of layers, molded by a classic Bundt pan, as paper-wrapped cupcakes, or simply as a single thick slab.But there is one problem: Most cake recipes are written with directions tailor-made for a specific pan Together they create one-of-a-kind cakes for all occasions and their knowledge of cake decorating techniques and tools make All Things Cake a great resource for decorators. Whether you are needing a custom cake, supplies for your next project or want to take your decorating skills to the next level - All Things Cake is your one-stop-shop

1. Make the chocolate cake: Combine dry ingredients (sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt). Combine wet ingredients (eggs, buttermilk, oil and vanilla). Mix together and stir in boiling water. 2. Bake at 375°F: Pour batter into prepared 8 or 9-inch round baking pans. I like to cut a round piece of wax or parchment paper for. Triple chocolate & peanut butter layer cake. 20 ratings. 4.4 out of 5 star rating. Make a showstopping cake this Easter. Top chocolate sponge with peanut butter frosting, ganache drip, pretzel bark and chocolate eggs for a divine dessert. 1 hr and 45 mins. Artboard Copy 6 For the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Icing. Make the icing. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter on medium-low until smooth and creamy, about 1 minute. Reduce the mixer to low and add the confectioners' sugar ¼ cup at a time, beating until combined

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Number cakes are a favourite with busy parents because you just need a number-shaped mould and a basic sponge cake recipe (chocolate, vanilla or carrot). Use ready-to-roll icing and finish with candles, sprinkles or make some easy eye shapes with white and black icing, like in the picture. 1 x cake = sorted 2. Fill piping bag with one color of buttercream frosting around the outside and a lighter color in the center. 3. Pipe a few test flowers onto a plate or another flat surface to make sure the colors are coming out blended. 4. Hold the piping bag perpendicular to the surface of the baked good, placing the tip close to the surface. 5 Instructions. Cake. Preheat oven to 350. Line the bottoms of two 6x3 round pans with parchment paper, then grease bottom and sides. Set aside. Combine dry ingredients and set aside. Melt butter, then whisk together with sugars. Add egg, sour cream, milk, and vanilla and mix until combined Wilton Performance Pans Aluminum 2pc 9 Round Cake Pans Set. Wilton. 4.3 out of 5 stars with 12 ratings. 12. $10.79. Shipping not available. Not at your store Indoors, you can use pieces of paper, each with a number written on it, to create a circle shape. Or set up chairs to form a circle. Place the cakewalk near an outlet if you plan to plug in a music player. Display cakes or other prizes on a table. Use a hat, box, or bowl to hold numbers that will be drawn by a volunteer

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1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Line a 16x4x4.5-inch loaf pan with non-stick aluminum foil or grease with shortening and dust with flour. 2. Make cake batter using two cake mixes, according to package instructions. Divide batter in 5 bowls. Color one bowl neon orange, one bowl yellow, pink, blue and green. 3 How to make the bird cakes There are two options for these hanging feeders: either they are formed around knots on a piece of string, or around pine cones. If you are making hanging bird cakes using pine cones, first make sure that their scales have opened out, because the mix needs space to stick To make the cake as a gluten-free vanilla cake recipe, I've successfully used an equal amount of Cup 4 Cup gluten-free flour in place of the all-purpose flour listed in the recipe. As an Egg-Free Vanilla Cake Recipe: To make the cake an egg-free vanilla cake recipe, I've used 2/3 cup of unsweetened applesauce in place of 2 large eggs in the.

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1. Place a cake layer on the sheet tray and top with ice cream. Carefully transfer your first cake layer to the plastic wrap-lined and chilled sheet tray. Spoon 1.5 cups of softened ice cream all. Measure a scant, slightly less than full, 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour. Add the chocolate chips, and give a final stir. Now your mixture will look like cookie dough. Add a few chocolate chips to the top of the cookie dough. Cook in microwave 40-60 seconds, start checking for doneness at 40 seconds. Mine takes 50 seconds From Quanta Magazine (find original story here). Two young computer scientists have figured out how to fairly divide cake among any number of people, setting to rest a problem mathematicians have.

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The opening can be serrated on one side, or both. When using to make a basket weave pattern be sure to have the flat side againist the cake and the serrated side upwards so you can see the weave lines though the wide strips of icing. You can also use this nozzle to pipe ruffles. Ribbon Cake My Day. The Australian Women's Weekly is challenging everyday Aussies to create one of the iconic Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book cakes in a new webisode series, Cake My Day. You won't want to miss this! WATCH the trailer for Cake My Day belo

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The pineapple upside down cake was viewed as an easy, impressive-looking dessert to make for guests. To make Lydia's peach cake vegan, I needed to modify a couple of ingredients: butter and eggs 1 of 1 2 of 1 From Scandinavian cuisine, here's a recipe for potatisbullar (potato cakes), developed by Diversivore for B.C. Egg . These potato cakes are creamy on the inside but crispy on the. Now it was time to figure out how to make a cake topper. Here are the steps and some tips on how to make a cake topper using your Cricut. Pick a fat font. One of the key things in figuring out how to make a cake topper was picking the right font. The key is to pick a fat font. Because you want the words to overlap, you need a fat.

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This Item: Cutter Large Number 1. $2.99. Cupcake Liners Polka Dot Blue. $6.25. Double Sided Contour Comb Bead Board. Special Price $13.49 Regular Price $14.99. Cutter Peony Petal #1. $8.99. Cake Flakes Lavender 10 Grams