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Patient Safety Indicators Technical Specifications Updates - Version v2020, July 2020. Updated Patient Safety Indicators Technical Specifications (PDF Format), Version 2020 (Zip File) Download All (.ZIP) {{ r.indicator }} Temporarily Unavailable. An updated version is forthcoming you to add this update to the agenda of your next morbidity and mortality meeting and we would also like to hear your feedback on learning points. Feedback from M&M meetings on how the Patient Safety Update has informed action can be sent to the SALG administrator at SALG@rcoa.ac.uk January-June 2020 Foreign body aspiration during intubation Patient safety is fundamental to delivering quality essential health services. Indeed, there is a clear consensus that quality health services across the world should be effective, safe and people-centred. In addition, to realize the benefits of quality health care, health services must be timely, equitable, integrated and efficient Update on NHS patient safety strategy progress. NHS England and NHS Improvement recently published their annual progress report for the NHS Patient Safety Strategy: Year One. Despite COVID-19 affecting the pace of strategy implementation there has been progress. This progress includes increased flexibility; problem-solving at pace; and more.

The Network of Patient Safety Databases Chartbook, 2020 and accompanying online dashboards are the product of voluntary participation in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Patient Safety Organization (PSO) program by providers and PSOs nationwide October 8, 2020. Adam Smith. Patient Safety Watch is delighted to announce the creation of an Advisory Board and its first members. The Board, made up of leading clinicians, campaigners and experts, will provide input into our research programme and general advice on making our work meaningful for medical professionals and patients alike

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COVID-19 Clinical Negligence and Patient Safety Update. June 17, 2020 June 17, 2020 John Tingle Health Law Policy, Public Health. By John Tingle. Health care law is evolving particularly rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic Patient Safety is the leading business platform connecting healthcare professions who are keen on improving patient care. Highlights from the 2020 online event. the Patient Safety conference and it is great how we can still be so involved virtually and learn about all the latest updates A patient safety expert at The Joint Commission says four ongoing trends will dominate the patient safety landscape in 2020. Patient safety has been a pressing issue in healthcare since 1999, with. The Patient Safety and Adverse Events Composite for the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) v6.0, 2016), is an updated and modified version of the Patient Safety Indicator for Selected Indicators Composite (v5.0 and prior) Nurturing a safety culture, learning from mistakes, preventing harm and working as part of a team are all part of the discipline of safety. To this end, the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) and the Association of Anaesthetists engage with partner organisations to develop and disseminate our Patient Safety Update

The DoD Patient Safety Program (PSP) is a comprehensive program with the goal of establishing a culture of patient safety and quality within the Military Health System (MHS). We encourage a systems approach to creating a safer patient environment. Our Mission is to promote a culture of safety to eliminate preventable patient harm. Our Vision is to support the military mission by building. January 2020. National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Patient Safety Component Manual . Table of Contents . Chapter 1: National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Overview Chapter 2: Identifying Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI) for NHSN Surveillance Chapter 3: Patient Safety Monthly Reporting Plan and Annual Survey The Eisenberg Award honors individuals and organizations who have made significant advancements in the pursuit of safe, high-quality health care. The 2020 honorees are Dr. David Gaba; Veterans Health Administration Rapid Naloxone Initiative, Washington, DC, and Northwestern Medicine Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement, Chicago IL 2. Bell SK, Delbanco T, Elmore JG, et al. Frequency and types of patient-reported errors in electronic health record ambulatory care notes. JAMA Netw Open. 2020;3(6.

October 2019. Subject: Revised Summary of NHSN Updates for 2020 Patient Safety Component. pdf icon. [PDF - 264 KB] Attached Document: 2020 Revised NHSN PSC Protocol Updates. pdf icon. [PDF - 315 KB] Subject: Summaries of updates for the NHSN Patient Safety and Outpatient Procedure Components for 2020. pdf icon Relevant Facts & Statistics. Up to 98,000 patients die annually in hospitals due to medical errors. IOM, To Err is Human Report, 1999. An estimated 1.7 million healthcare associated infections occur each year leading to 99,000 deaths. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections. Each year we gather information about emerging patient safety issues from widely recognized experts and stakeholders. This information is the basis for our National Patient Safety Goals ®, which we tailor for each specific program.It also informs our sentinel event alerts, standards and survey processes, performance measures, educational materials and Joint Commission Center for Transforming. Patient safety COVID-19 update - 12 June 2020 Patient safety COVID-19 update from the NHS National Patient Safety Team This update pulls together key information that you or your clinical governance/patient safety heads might need to know but could otherwise miss. It is not intended for general circulation within your organisations

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In 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Competencies Across the Learning Continuum report, focusing not only on the core competencies that medical education should include, but also on tactics for improving quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) educational programs (Figure 2) [a] Patient Safety Highlights 2020 - ASRA Practice Advisories: Review and Update Patient Safety Highlights 2020 - Patient Safety in the Outpatient and Non OR settings: What Can We do Better? Patient Safety Highlights 2020 - The Case for Caring: Impacts of Physician Burnout and the Ways to Promote a Culture of Well-Bein Survey of hospital executives and clinical leaders reveals some patient safety progress—but there's still a long way to go. To better understand the current state of patient safety and the biggest opportunities for improvement, VigiLanz commissioned Sage Growth Partners, a healthcare consultancy, to conduct an independent survey of 100 hospital and health system leaders in February 2020

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  1. Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) - 10 March 2020, we have published a new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) webpage, including details of our work with a small number of early adopters who are testing an introductory version of the framework. The PSIRF is being developed to replace the current Serious.
  2. Patient safety alerts issued by our national patient safety team prior to the introduction of National Patient Safety Alerts in November 2019 can be found via the search section of the Central Alerting System (CAS) website. Select 'NHS Improvement' as alert originator to find alerts issued October 2019 - April 2016
  3. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Final Rule (Patient Safety Rule) establishes a framework by which hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers may voluntarily report information to Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs), on a privileged and confidential basis, for the aggregation and analysis of patient safety events
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These resources can help you learn the basics about safety and quality. Patient Safety. PSNet: a Web-based resource that features the latest news and essential resources on patient safety, including weekly literature updates, news, tools, and meetings; patient safety primers; and annotated links to important research and other information on patient safety Mar 24, 2020 | COVID19, News, Patient safety. If an organ donor tests positive for carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, coronavirus or influenza, they must be reported in the UNet Improving Patient Safety portal as a potential donor-derived disease transmission event The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) Report: Not Enough Change Since To Err Is Human A committee co-chaired by Dr. Don Berwick and Dr. Kavek Shajania issued the NPSF's Free from Harm: Accelerating Patient Safety Improvement Fifteen Years after To Err Is Human.Similar to the Health Foundation's assessment of patient safety in the UK, the NPSF report states that — despite some. Patient safety mistakes accounted for nearly 250,000 patient deaths at the time of the Johns Hopkins report, outpacing death tolls from respiratory disease by nearly 100,000 incidents. There's still a lot of room for improvement, despite the strides the industry has made in the past 20 years The Patient Safety Assessment Tool (Excel) (PSAT) - a cognitive aid to assist managers and staff conduct an objective assessment of a patient safety program.. The tool covers program administration and management and provides walk-around sections focusing on the patient care environment. Learn Mor

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Patient safety is a subset of healthcare and is defined as the avoidance, prevention, and amelioration of adverse outcomes or injuries stemming from the processes of health care.1 In 1999 the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) report To err is human called for developing and testing new technologies to reduce medical error,2 and the subsequent 2001 report crossing the quality chiasm. Objective: To provide an update on key safety metrics after transfusion of convalescent plasma in hospitalized coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) patients, having previously demonstrated safety in 5000 hospitalized patients. Patients and methods: From April 3 to June 2, 2020, the US Food and Drug Administration Expanded Access Program for COVID-19 convalescent plasma transfused a convenience sample.

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  1. Safety Best Practices for Hospitals to do so as a priority, while implementing the new and revised Best Practices for 2020-2021. Four Best Practices (numbers 4, 5, 8, and 11) have been revised for 2020-2021; two new Best Practices (numbers 15 and 16) were added; Best Practice number 12 was incorporated into new Bes
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  3. Patient safety concerns for Long COVID patients. 6th July 2020. An increasing number of people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are continuing to struggle with prolonged, debilitating and sometimes severe symptoms months later. [1] Many were never admitted to hospital and have instead been trying to manage their symptoms and recovery at home
  4. For assistance, contact the HHS Office for Civil Rights at (800) 368-1019, TDD toll-free: (800) 537-7697, or by emailing OCRMail@hhs.gov. Back to Top. Content created by Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Content last reviewed on February 18, 2021

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  1. The FDA update to its Medical Device Development scoring tool will better reflect the severity of medical device vulnerabilities and directly accounts for patient safety risks, improving security
  2. Patient Safety and the Use of eCW's Electronic Health Records Software. By: eClinicalWorks | Tags: announcement, EHR, patient safety, Software | December 6th, 2016 WESTBOROUGH, Mass.—December 6, 2016— At eClinicalWorks, we are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of all patients whose health care providers rely on our software. For this reason, we have made a sustained effort to.
  3. Advocates for improving patient safety and access to high-quality healthcare were exceedingly active in the 2018-2019 legislative sessions, enacting new or amended laws and adopting regulations pertaining to APRN practice authority, reimbursement, and prescriptive authority in 25 states. highlights of the 2020 Annual APRN Legislative Update.

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Background. In June 2020, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) updated the Guideline for assessing solid organ donors and monitoring transplant recipients for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection due to improved testing and risk assessment methods. In December 2020, the OPTN Board of. For World Patient Safety Day, 17 September 2021, WHO urges all stakeholders to Act now for safe and respectful childbirth! with the theme Safe maternal and newborn care. Approximately 810 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, around 6700 newborns die every day, amounting to 47% of all under-5 deaths The time for patient safety is RIGHT NOW! The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) has over 10-years of experience in safety leadership and implementing programs to enhance safety in every part of the healthcare continuum. Discover the tools and resources available to you and find out what you can do to improve patient safety IRF-Patient Assessment Instrument (PAI) assessment data and data submitted via the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) for October 1 - December 31 (Q4) of calendar year (CY) 2020 are due with this submission deadline Tweets by LeapfrogGroup. The Leapfrog Group releases latest Hospital Safety Grades of U.S. hospitals, with straight 'A' hospitals sharing insights on how they were prepared for COVID-19 Straight A hospitals since 2012 share how their strong record of patient safety prepared them for the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign up for our newsletter

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First, it offers a set of refinements to sections of the previously published ACR Guidance Documents on MR Safe Practice. 1-4 These updates emerged from a deeper understanding of patient safety in areas such as pre-MR exam screening, patient attire requirements to prevent possible burn injuries, and adverse event response procedures. Second, it. Updates the process for identification and review of PCEs for Patient Safety Events that reach the patient (i.e., adverse event and no-harm events), including: 1) All events that reach the patient will be reviewed to determine whether the event is likely to present a possible financial loss, 2) All DoD REs are PCEs, 3) HQ review of all Active Dut Author Biographies Lauren Berkow, University of Florida Lauren Berkow (lberkow@anest.ufl.edu) is a profes-sor for the Division of Neuroanesthesia and director of Anesthesia Supplies and Equipment, Department of Anesthesiology, at University of Florida College of Medicine.She is also president of the Society for Airway Management and on the Board of Directors of the Airway Safety Movement Quality Improvement & Patient Safety (QIPS) Curriculum 2020-2021 Patient safety and continuous quality improvement are integral components of caring for patients. ACGME, the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER), and the public expect our residenc Just Culture: A 2020 Update and Case Studies; Mortality Reviews and Patient Safety: A 2020 Update; Anticoagulation Safety: A 2020 Update; Close; Prior 2019. Violence in Healthcare & Keeping Everyone Safe; Leadership Tools, Performance Improvement, and 100 Day Plans; A Perfect Storm: The Midcourse Correction for Patient Safety; In-flight.

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  1. (see Drug Safety Update on risk of dependence and addiction with opioids); before starting treatment with opioids, agree with the patient a treatment strategy and plan for end of treatment • report suspected adverse drug reactions, including dependence, accidental exposure
  2. Covid-19 update: Patient safety is paramount. 17 Mar 2020. Patients must come first: EORTC will take all measures necessary to ensure that trials continue. Following on from the actions taken by a number of European countries to try to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, EORTC is liaising with its members to monitor the developments in.
  3. Measure Updates Since Fall 2019 - Outcome Measure Domain. 3 HAC Measures • No updates for any hospital; HAC measures are updated annually by CMS in July. 5 HAI Measures • Updated for all hospitals receiving a Spring 2020 Hospital Safety Grade ⎻ 2019 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results from Section 7B submitted by November 3
  4. istration Table (Added 4 August 2020) Dexamethasone Factsheet (Updated 21 July 2020) Safe handling of medications in COVID-19 pandemic (Added 14 May 2020

Article citation: Drug Safety Update volume 13, issue 8: March 2020: 1. 1 Data derived from IQVIA MIDAS 01/2019 - 12/2019, by the MHRA, March 2020. The assumption was made that each course was 3 months duration, however a patient could take this drug for less than 3 months World Patient Safety Day: safety in maternity care. 17.09.20. Published on 17 September 2020. Dr Jacqui Williams, Senior Midwifery Adviser (Education) at the NMC, reflects on our Future Midwife standards and safety in maternity care. As midwives, each of us knows how much women, their partners and their families value safe maternity services These patient safety policies are part of CMS' efforts to promote higher quality, more efficient health care through value-based purchasing (VBP). VBP initiatives use performance-based financial incentives and public reporting of quality information to encourage improvement in all aspects of quality, including patient safety ACT 13 - MEDICAL CARE AVAILABILITY AND REDUCTION OF ERROR (MCARE) ACT. PSALink1. PSAContent1. Reforming the law on medical professional liability; providing for patient safety and reporting; establishing the Patient Safety Authority and the Patient Safety Trust Fund; abrogating regulations; providing for medical professional liability informed.

Compounding Quality Center of Excellence Virtual Conference: Working Together for Patient Safety - 09/21/2020 - 09/22/2020 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 39:07. Live. •. NHSN subject matter experts provide updates on NHSN Analysis for 2020. Topics include changes to NHSN Dataset Generation (DSG), Adjusted Ranking Metric (ARM. On June 14, 2021, Philips Respironics announced a voluntary recall for certain CPAP, BiLevel PAP, and Ventilator Devices due to two issues related to deterioration of the sound abatement foam used in these devices. This recall is for all CPAP and BiLevel PAP devices manufactured prior to April 26, 2021. VA has distributed approximately 300,000 Philips CPAP or BiLevel PAP devices for Veteran.

Now Available! Patient Safety Reporting Program 2020 Report. In 2020, healthcare organizations across the state contributed information to Oregon's Patient Safety Reporting Program (PSRP) about adverse events and their strategies for prevention to inform learning and improvement UPDATE 01/29/2020: o Message routing functionality has been restored as follows: For a message initiated from the Patient Message button in the main header, replies will follow message routing protocols based on the selected encounter provider (self/pool). For patient initiated messages in MHO, replies will follow message routin Watch on Demand: World Patient Safety Day: September 17, 2020Special Event - September 17, 2020 10:00 - September 17, 2020 13:00 (MT) Watch on Demand: World Patient Safety Day: September 17, 2020. 9/17/2020 4:00 AM 9/17/2020 7:00 AM Special Event Leader; Provider; Public

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Pre-Validations for PY 2020 will be accepted from September 14, 2020 to December 14, 2020. If providers would like to take advantage of this service to avoid patient volume remediation during the official or soft opening attestation periods, they need to begin the process of finding a suitable Medicaid patient volume reporting period Date Summary of change; 04/07/2020: Modified to reflect revisions to the Prescriber Enrollment Form to include prescriber specialty. 06/27/2019: Modified to make changes to the Prescriber Safety Brochure to align with labeling changes related to the new indication and to align with revised wording in the Indications and Usage section of labeling related to the generalized myasthenia gravis.

Following the company update on April 26, 2021, Royal Philips(NYSE: PHG; AEX: PHIA) today provides an update on the recall notification* for specific Philips Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure (Bi. ECRI Institute on Monday released its annual list of the 10 biggest patient-safety concerns in 2020, with misuse of surgical staplers ranking No. 1.. Get 1-page cheat sheets on how hospital quality ratings programs work . How ECRI made the list. ECRI is a nonprofit organization that studies how to improve patient care by addressing safety concerns across the continuum of care, according to.

Patient safety is an essential and vital component of quality nursing care. However, the nation's health care system is prone to errors, and can be detrimental to safe patient care, as a result of basic systems flaws. and 400,000 RN vacancies estimated by 2020 (Murray, 2002). The nursing shortage endangers quality of care, places patients. Q1 CY 2020. Q2 CY 2020. Q3 CY 2020. Q4 CY 2020. Crossmatch to Transfused Units Ratio Crossmatch to Transfusion (C/T) Ratio (The NIH CC goal is to have a C:T ratio of 2.0 or less. Monitoring this metric ensures that blood is not held unused in reser ve when it could be available for another patient.) C/T Ratio. CC C/T Ratio Goa What is Quality and Patient Safety? Quality has been defined by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) as doing the right thing at the right time for the right person and having the best possible result. Patient safety is simply defined by the World Health Organization as the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care

20 years of patient safety. New section. In 1999, in its pioneering report To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) revealed that as many as 98,000 patients died from preventable medical errors in U.S. hospitals each year. Twenty years later, such errors remain a serious concern, with tens of thousands of. 10 top patient safety issues for 2021. The Becker's Clinical Leadership & Infection Control editorial team chose the following 10 patient safety issues for healthcare leaders to prioritize in 2021. The Medical Product Safety objectives for 2020 focus on overall improvement of patient treatment and appropriate use of medical products. Medical products include drugs, biological products, and medical devices. These objectives reflect strong scientific support for safe use of medical products, which promotes better health among Americans

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Patient Safety. RA-BRS in collaboration with the Intensive Care Society - Recommendation for the safe removal of a temporary femoral dialysis line click HERE. RA-BRS Patient Safety - for latest news click HERE or for Kidney patient safety committee updates click HERE. BRS statement on the provision of transport for patients requiring. Joint Commission New Sentinel Event Alert 61: Managing the Risks of Direct Oral Anticoagulants: The Center for Patient Safety wants to share this important harm-prevention advice from The Joint Commission and its Sentinel Event Alert: Managing the Risks of Direct Oral Anticoagulants The purpose of the Brazilian Society of Anesthesiology's (SBA) Regional Anesthesia Safety Recommendations Update is to provide new guidelines based on the current relevant clinical aspects related to safety in regional anesthesia and analgesia. The goal of the present article is to provide a broad o ACOG clinical content is the indispensable decision support resource for women's healthcare providers--reliable and relevant, grounded in scientific evidence, and developed through a rigorous and inclusive process

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In this issue we are presented with two novel and important studies in English primary care addressing the epidemiology of patient safety. The first study, by Reeves and colleagues, retrospectively reviewed 2057 randomly selected consultations in 21 general practices to identify missed diagnostic opportunities, in order to estimate their incidence, origins and potential harms.1 They conclude. Patient Safety Excellence. Patient safety ratings and awards indicate how well a hospital prevents infections, medical errors and complications, based on 14 serious, preventable patient safety events. Healthgrades Patient Safety Excellence Award™ recognizes hospitals in the top 10% in the nation for patient safety

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Joint Position Statement. View the Revised Joint Statement (June 3, 2020) The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF), American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAAA) and American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) believe that the safety of anesthesia professionals is of utmost importance in developing policies related to personal. The Armstrong Institute's online Patient Safety Quality and Leadership delivers core concepts and tools to be an effective patient safety champion in your hospital, clinical department or unit/clinic. The program's 13 modules, which can be taken anywhere and at any time, delve into core concepts in such areas as Patient Safety Excellence Award™. Patient safety ratings tells you how well a hospital prevents injuries, infections and other serious conditions based on 14 serious, potentially preventable adverse events. in the top 10% of the nation for patient safety. These hospitals have the lowest occurrences of the 14 preventable patient safety events

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Through patient safety initiatives, such as reducing falls, medication safety, and infection prevention, you can directly help create a safer environment. By using the latest best safety practices and technology — in the surgical suite, emergency department, and in the hospital room — we are working to improve patient outcomes 2020; 323: 374-76. Review of safety in pregnancy Modafinil (Provigil, generics) is indicated in adults for the treatment of excessive sleepiness including the patient information leaflet, has been updated and a letter sent to See Drug Safety Update March 2019 for guidance on contraceptive methods and frequency of pregnancy testing to. Patient Safety Toolkit 2021 A resource for clinicians and staff provided by HealthPartners Ambulatory Safety Program . committee to review and select one, or use one and implement updates specific to the clinic Establish a protocol for safety learning reports. Make sure that the protocol addresses learning definitions suc The Joint Commission recently shared seven patient safety goals for hospitals to focus on in 2021.. Every year, the organization gathers new evidence on emerging patient safety issues to inform. The VA National Center for Patient Safety, in cooperation with the VA Office of Academic Affiliations have teamed up to offer one-year fellowships in patient safety.. The fellowships provide in-depth education in patient safety practice and leadership. The program links individualized, mentored training at a number of training sites around the nation to a state-of-the-art curriculum in the.

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The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) is the leader in advocating for excellence in perioperative practice and healthcare. We unite and empower perioperative nurses, healthcare organizations, and industry partners to support safe surgery for every patient, every time CDC has an independent group of experts that reviews all the safety data as it comes in and provides regular safety updates. If a safety issue is detected, immediate action will take place to determine if the issue is related to the COVID-19 vaccine and determine the best course of action. COVID-19 VACCINES: PATIENT FAQs Updated: 3/16/2 Updates to Policies. (Skokie, IL) June 16, 2021 - Today, AAAHC releases its 2021 Quality Roadmap, a comprehensive analysis of data from more than 1,120 accreditation surveys conducted in 2020. The Quality Roadmap serves as a resource for health care organizations. (Skokie, Ill.) May 19, 2021 - Today, the Accreditation Association for. Update to original communication. 6 November 2020. The updated blood monitoring threshold levels for WBC and ANC described below will come into effect in the companies' databases as follows: For Clozaril (Carelink Plus, Mylan): from 7 November 2020. For more information, Go to the CareLink Plus database. Healthcare professionals can access. The Health Safety Net (HSN) Eligible Services regulation (101 CMR 613.00) was updated on April 8, 2016, with new policies that took effect on June 1, 2016. This page provides information about these policy changes and the implementation process. FAQs about Health Safety Net (HSN) Policy Changes (05/25/16) (PDF) | Word

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3 Healthcare Initiatives Driving Patient Identification in 2020. The challenges facing the healthcare industry in 2020 and beyond are unprecedented in scope and complexity. Institutions must evolve and innovate to remain competitive, maximize performance, and generate revenue. With value-based care in motion, the coming year will see increased. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is a federal agency for research on health care quality, costs, outcomes and patient safety.. AHRQ has created software that screens billing records for potentially preventable complications (adverse events) that patients sometimes experience while receiving medical care August 13, 2020 ‐ Accreditation Insider By A.J. Plunkett The Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) is asking for public comment through September on the 2022 update to the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction, which provide minimum standards for design and construction of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and residential health. Hospital safety and quality. The quality and safety of care provided in Australia's health system is of utmost importance to all patients, their families and carers, and to clinicians and health service managers. A safe and high-quality health system provides the most appropriate and best-value care, while keeping patients safe from. Welcome!!! Scientific Federation takes an immense pleasure and feels honored to welcome all the participates to attend 11 th World Congress on Patient Health Care for Chronic Diseases (WCPHC-2020) which will be held during September 21-22, 2020 at Prague, Czech Republic is an international event, attracting global participant's intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of. Journal of Patient Safety: March 2020 - Volume 16 - Issue 1 - p 79-83. doi: 10.1097/PTS.0000000000000426 is collated on a daily basis by a theater coordinator and stored on a spreadsheet alongside data from the Scottish Patient Safety Programme and the chief executive to provide regular updates on errors identified and captured within.