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  1. Check out these weird human body facts, and impress all your friends with how much you know! 1. The cornea is the only part of the body with no blood supply - it gets its oxygen directly from the air. Public Domain The human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap
  2. 16 of the weirdest and wackiest facts on the human body Did you know that 206 bones make up the human skeleton? It's just one of the many fun facts you'll find in Operation Ouch!
  3. How we as a species reproduce offers all sorts of interesting weird facts. Here are some of the weirder things you might not know. Your teeth are growing before birth: Even though it takes months after you are born to see teeth, they start growing about six months before you are born
  4. There are various interesting and amazing facts about anatomy. A very few of them are discussed below point-wise, which we may not be aware of. Fact-No-1 There has been a myth that the human heart is located on the side of the chest, but in reality, the heart is neither on the left or the right but the centre of the chest

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10 Amazing Facts about the Human Body The largest bone in the human body is the femur. It can support 30 times the weight of a person's body. Ounce for ounce, that's stronger than steel In truth, hair is a weird combination of living and dead. The living hair follicle pushes out the hair, which is made up of different kinds of non-living yet protective cells made of keratin — the.. Synopsis: Over 500 strange, weird and fascinating list of unusual facts and trivia regarding parts of the amazing human body. A heartbeat is the sound made by the closure of the heart valves when blood is pushed through its chamber The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye. It receives oxygen directly from the air. The human brain has a memory capacity which is the equivalent of more than four terabytes on a hard drive. A newborn child can breathe and swallow at the same time for up to seven months

The tongue is anchored at the front, rather than the back of the mouth, and flips its way out to smack prey from above, like an adhesive flyswatter. It's also worth noting that when a frog swallows, its eyeballs move to the inside of its mouth to help push the food down its throat. 8 Mantises Have Feet On Their Claw 16 Weird Facts About Nami's Anatomy. One of the first characters met in the series, Nami is one of One Piece's most important characters According to Warwick University clinical anatomist Peter Abrahams, da Vinci's sketches of human uteruses look more like those of other animals. It may be that the difficulty of getting female.. Image from Human Anatomy Atlas. Your heart is known for pumping blood through your body at an incredible rate, but did you know that your kidneys process over 50 gallons (189.2 liters) of blood every day? That's nearly double the amount the heart receives each day. Image from Human Anatomy Atlas

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Here are a few facts you may enjoy: 1. Eyes began to develop 550 million years ago. The simplest eyes were patches of photoreceptor protein in single-celled animals It's pretty much true that for as majestic and wonderful horses are, they have some weird anatomy and physiology stuff that just sets them apart from the rest of the animal world. Perhaps you know all of these things already, or you are in dire need of horse small talk to weird out the next stranger that you meet

11. Pompeo didn't know that Derek was married until the Season 1 finale was being filmed. And Dempsey didn't know his character was married until halfway through the first season. 12. Jessica Capshaw auditioned for three roles on the show: first, Derek's love interest Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile), then Meredith's crazy friend Sadie (Melissa George), and finally, she won the part of. This week we learn some weird facts about horse anatomy. Horses do not have collarbones. Their front limbs are directly attached to the spinal column by muscles, tendons and ligaments. The adaptation improves running efficiency because once the shoulder blade is no longer restrained by the clavicle, it can act almost like an extra limb segment Your brain is sometimes more active when you're asleep than when you're awake. 3. Laid end to end, an adult's blood vessels could circle Earth's equator four times! 4

Avengers Anatomy: 5 Weird Facts About Iron Man's Body, Explained. Tony Stark might be known as the most human Avenger, but his body is still far from normal. Here are the five weirdest facts about Iron Man's body If you're looking for interesting and random facts about the human body, you've come to the right place. Here are some things you might not have known about the human body Here are 15 facts about canine anatomy that will blow your mind! Supertasters - Dogs have about 1700 taste buds that are clustered around the tip of their tongue. This specific cluster allows them to taste sweet, bitter, sour and salt. (Humans have 10,000 taste buds on their entire tongue Weird Animal Facts. It turns out that cats have such similar anatomy to dogs that there's nothing stopping them from barking too. To turn their vocalizations doggish, all cats have to do is.

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Here are some of the most interesting facts about your skin: The average person's skin covers an area of 2 square meters. Skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight. The average adult has approximately 21 square feet of skin, which weighs 9 lbs and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels. The average person has about 300 million. Here are some of the most fascinating, little-known facts I picked up about Grey's Anatomy. 1. The title was once very different: The title of the original pitch is simply Surgeons. 2

Taken individually, the bits and pieces of cat anatomy and behavior are a crazy quilt of Morse code, text messaging and DIY survival tips. Together, they're a medley of fun facts that add up to a fur-covered package of intrigue. Let's look at five unusual cat anatomy facts 45 Most Random, Amazing and Bizarre Facts about Horses Horses have been called the noblest of creatures, and it's easy to see why. Depending on which scientific accounts you believe, they've been man's original best friend since anywhere from 4000 to 2000 B.C 18 Weird Facts About Sailor Moon's Anatomy. The anime has always been weird, but Sailor Moon herself has a few distinctly bizarre elements going on with her, specifically regarding her anatomy. By Joseph Walter Published Jul 28, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment Mass Effect: 4 WEIRD Facts About Krogan Biology. Mass Effect's Krogan are a burly, scaly race of aliens from the harsh world of Tuchanka. However, there's more to their anatomy than their brawn. Many alien races inhabit the universe of the Mass Effect game series, with some of them being slightly exotic humans, such as the Asari race, while. Here are 25 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Muscles. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Muscles 1. The stapedius is the smallest skeletal muscle in the human body. The stapedius dampens the vibrations of the stapes by pulling on the neck of that bone. This helps to control the amplitude of sound waves from the general externa

This item: Weird But True Human Body: 300 Outrageous Facts about Your Awesome Anatomy by National Geographic Kids Library Binding $17.90 Only 14 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Weird Facts. 146. Human birth control pills work on gorillas. 147. There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos. 148. Beetles taste like apples, wasps like pine nuts, and worms like fried bacon. 149. What is called a French kiss in the English-speaking world is known as an English kiss in France The bones of the skull shape the features of our characters and hold the muscles that create the subtle facial expressions that bring our drawings to life. So in the spirit of the holiday, I bring you 5 weird facts you probably didn't know about the most important feature of the human anatomy, the human skull. 1

Wonder twin powers, activate. Did you know that the children of identical twins are genetically siblings rather than cousins? This is because they share 25% of their DNA. Full siblings share 50% of their DNA, half-siblings share 25%, and cousins share 12.5%. Thus, they are the genetic equivalent of half-siblings. A monkey's uncle? Humans share 98.8% of their DNA with chimpanzees. But. 1. Shay Mitchell Talks About Life As A New Mom. 2. 20 Cool Water Sports You Should Try This Summer. 3. Smoked Salmon, Watercress, and Yogurt Omelet. 4. This Kettlebell Workout Will Tighten Your.

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Taken individually, the bits and pieces of cat anatomy and behavior are a crazy quilt of Morse code, text messaging and DIY survival tips. Together, they're a medley of fun facts that add up to a fur-covered package of intrigue. Let's look at five unusual cat anatomy facts From Thethings: 19 Weird Facts About The Little Mermaid's Anatomy BY ALEXANDAR GORDON - ON JUL 27, 2019 The Little Mermaid was one of the most successful movies that Disney had ever made once it came out and made a splash in the cinema world

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  1. Fun Facts About The Human Body - The human body is a beautiful, wacky, and mysterious machine. Here's the thing: we live with it, so sometimes it's easy to forget how amazing things like internal organs, eyes, or even the basic building blocks of life (cells) are, right? Here are 15 facts about the human body that are sure to get your.
  2. Gracilis. This cord-like muscle runs the length of your inner thigh from your pelvis to the inside of your knee. The adductors work virtually any time your legs are active, whether for standing, squatting, lunging, and most other leg moves. You can work them directly with inner-thigh leg raises and Swiss Ball squeezes
  3. 11 Weird Facts About Your Cervix; 11 Weird Facts About Your Cervix. Your cervix may be small, but it has some seriously big jobs. By Karen Pallarito and Samantha Lauriello. Updated January 30, 2019

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To find out more about the muscular system, check out these 14 fun facts. 1. Muscles are divided into three types: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal. Smooth muscles are the involuntary muscles in your. Fun Facts About The Skeletal System: The Skeletal system forms the human skeleton that supports the body and allows for movement.Paramount to the functioning of the skeletal system is the muscular system, without which the skeletal system will collapse.. Therefore, the human skeleton cannot function on its own without the continued support of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons Weird But True Human Body: 300 Outrageous Facts about Your Awesome Anatomy (Weird but True! Topics) by. National Geographic Kids (Contributor) 4.30 · Rating details · 76 ratings · 9 reviews Get ready to have your mind blown with some hair-raising, eye-popping facts! This latest addition to the crazy popular Weird but True series is all about. 10 Interesting Facts about Ears & Hearing Laura L. Brady, AuD, CCC-A | Posted on May 9, 2019 Children with normal hearing in both ears generally perform better with auditory tasks and processing sound in their right ear up until puberty Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo on Grey's Anatomy. The first season finale reveals that Derek is still married to Addison Montgomery, a fact that Dempsey didn't learn until halfway through the season and Pompeo didn't know until the final episode, according to a since-deleted behind-the-scenes video

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  1. Weird But True! Shorts. Bobbing for Apples. Apples and pears party from top to bottom in this Weird But True! video at the pool. Now Playing. 0:45
  2. 41 Interesting Facts about the Human Heart. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. In his text De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem, the father of modern anatomy, Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), argued that the blood seeped from one ventricle to another through mysterious pores. [8
  3. 21 fun facts about the brain. 1) Signs of successful brain surgeries go as far back as the Stone Age. 2) An adult brain weighs about 3 pounds. 3) About 75 percent of the brain is made up of water.

10 'Facts' About The Human Body That Are Completely False. by Evan Beck. fact checked by Jamie Frater. Eat your vegetables. Sleep eight hours a day. Exercise. There are so many truisms about staying healthy that we sometimes don't use due diligence in determining if the advice given to us is even true. Then there are the old wives. Grey's Anatomy was going to be called Complications. 5. Miranda Bailey was the only role written with a character description: tiny blonde with curls. 6. She was loosely based off Rhimes' mother. 7 Cats dazzle us with their beauty, affection and cat-itude. But they are also delicate masterpieces of amazing anatomical abilities. Here are 10 crazy cat anatomy facts that you might not know: Power of the Purr. Cats purr when they're happy, as we stroke their chins or pop open a can of food Kidneys 101: Kidney Anatomy and Interesting Facts. admin. October 7, 2010 Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Before we can start healing the kidneys we need to know exactly what we are treating, it is no good throwing any old herb, nutrient, or drug at them. In comparison it is just like changing the oil in a car, it is no. Interesting Facts About Human Nose: 31-35. 31. Inability to smell is scientifically known as anosmia. 32. Inability to smell something correctly is known as dysosmia. 33. Nose plastic surgery is known as rhinoplasty. 34. Humans lose some of their smelling ability at the age of 65. At the age of 80, 50% of smelling capabilities are lost

Interesting Facts about the Brain. Fact - NO -1. The human brain cannot feel any pain has it have pain receptors. It contains about 86 billion nerve cells. Fact - NO -2. The human brain can survive for about 5 to 10 minutes without oxygen, 2 days without water, 11 days without sleeping and 20 days without food. Fact - NO -3 Weird But True Horse Facts: Anatomy jfinch. breaking. Horses do not have collarbones. Their front limbs are directly attached to the spinal column by muscles, tendons and ligaments. The adaptation improves running efficiency because once the shoulder blade is no longer restrained by the clavicle, it can act almost like an extra limb segment. 3 Pounds of Remarkable Matter. Made up of billions of neurons (or nerve cells) that communicate in trillions of connections called synapses, your brain is one of the most complex and fascinating organs in your body. Keeping your brain healthy and active is vital. Discover just how powerful it is with these interesting facts To celebrate 300 epsiodes, we've rounded up 30 fun facts about the show that you might not know. Test your Grey's trivia ahead. 'Grey's Anatomy:' 30 Facts You Probably Didn't Know in. Every Grey's Anatomy title is a song title except for one. Grey's Anatomy is the longest-running scripted primetime show on ABC having been on the air since 2005. In that time, it's had 15 seasons, over 300 episodes, and multuple major doctor deaths. It's been a wild, sometimes devastating ride for fans - but they're.

McDreamy Facts About Grey's Anatomy Grey's Anatomy is a show that needs no introduction but this articles does so here it is. The series focuses on the fictional lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings as they gradually evolve into seasoned doctors, while trying to maintain personal lives and relationships Fun Facts About Bones Did You Know? The adult human body has 206 of them. There are 26 bones in the human foot. The human hand, including the wrist, contains 54 bones. The femur, or thighbone, is the longest and strongest bone of the human skeleton. The stapes, in the middle ear, is the smallest and lightest bone of the human skeleton Fun Facts About The Muscular System: The human body comprises of different systems interconnected with each other to serve the purpose of fulfilling all the essential and necessary functions of the body to sustain life.The muscular system is one such system which governs the functioning of all other organ systems.. The other organ systems are all innervated with muscles that help in carrying.

1. Where is the smallest bone in our body located? 1/12. Nose Ear Little finger. Interesting Facts about Human Anatomy / Human body Quiz Responses. Maximum Score Above average Score Below average. Right, gang, it's time to take a look at how amazing (and a bit freaky!) we all are! Check out these 15 fascinating facts about our bodies. 1. Your mouth produces about one litre of saliva each day! 2. Your brain is sometimes more active when you're asleep than when you're awake.. 3 Fun Fact: Os Frontale. Anatomy Def: Os frontale/frontal bone is a skull bone which forms the forehead and the roofs of eye sockets and of nasal cavities. Outlander Def: Saucy, scary Geillis haunts Ian at Hayes' graveside! Her clear, high forehead follows her gaze as she basks in a font of goats' blood. Run, Ian, Run!!

anatomy fun facts. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. DaniyalQazi6 PLUS. miller anatomy 9/17/20. Terms in this set (88) Humans have a bone where the spine ends, proving that we may have had ____ Tails __% of human bones are in the feet. 2 Weird Anatomy. Look carefully...I had NO idea that these prints were um...unnatural when I took this photo. I was just enjoying the variety of species. Very strange stuff - and it's always been my most mysterious capture Over the many years since Grey's Anatomy first began, Pompeo has talked a lot about her struggle to get producers to pay her what she believed was deserved. Well, her persistence paid off. In 2018, The Hollywood Reporter labelled Ellen TV's $20 million Woman thanks to her pay increase to $575,000 an episode

Star Trek: 30 Weird Things About Vulcan Anatomy. Vulcans may look like humans with pointy ears but the iconic Star Trek race has a much different anatomy than most casual fans know. By Amanda Hurych Published Feb 21, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment 12 Facts About 'Greys Anatomy' Every Fan Should Know. Did you know Rob Lowe was the producers' first choice for McDreamy? December 27, 2017 April 18, 2019 by Bridget Sharkey This item: 100 Facts Human Body- Anatomy, Organs, DNA, Educational Projects, Fun Activities, Quizzes and More! by Steve Parker Paperback . $5.80. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by The Turquoise Place. $3.99 shipping. Human Body Activity Book for Kids: Hands-On Fun for Grades K-3 Hello and welcome to Interesting Facts where we show you lots of awesome and interesting things! If it's cool, fascinating or something that will blow your mind, you'll see it here. If you like. 20 amazing facts about the human body. Many of the most exciting discoveries in all fields of science are being played out in the human body. From DNA to the atoms inside us, the human body is a.

View Notes - Fun Facts about Anatomy and Physiology 2 from PDBIO 220 at Brigham Young University. Fun Facts about Anatomy & Physiology Physiology Alan D. Morales, LAT, M.Ed. Athletic Trainer Skeleta Nose Anatomy is More Interesting Than You Thought. Think you know all there is to know about your nose? You may know the basics about this weird and wonderful organ, but at Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we're experts on rhinoplasty and nose anatomy. We wanted to share these 10 facts about your nose that may surprise you 8 Fascinating Anatomy History Facts (PHOTOS) 06/24/2013 01:18 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2013. We are each the owner-operator of our own human body. So it's odd we don't know more about it. I'm scientifically trained, but I knew next to nothing about it when I started to write Anatomies. (A paradox of the British education system I went.

9 Amazing, Weird Facts About Your Gut. Your gut plays a key role in your health. It's the source of many unexpected and fascinating tidbits of human biology. Find out nine fascinating facts. Read Book Weird But True Human Body 300 Outrageous Facts About Your Awesome Anatomy Weird But True Zeus, Hades, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon, Hercules, Achilles, Ares, Apollo, Athena, Artemis, Dionysus, Prometheus! Dive a little deeper into the incredible stories from Greek mythology. Weird-but-true facts accompanied by lush original full-colo 51 fun facts about the human body, from a science teacher; 51 fun facts about the human body, from a science teacher Your left and right lungs aren't exactly the same. The lung on the left side of your body is divided into two lobes while the lung on your right side is divided into three. The left lung is also slightly smaller, allowing room. If you're like me, you like to know things like the number of assholes an abalone snail has (read on!). I went over to r/AskReddit to find more interesting facts, many of which involve the genitals of animals and some of which involve things like the empty space in atoms and Mozart Now, you just had your first fun facts about worms. Fun Worm Facts About The Worm Anatomy. 1. Do worms have eyes? Worms do not have eyes but they posses what's called receptor cells. This let's them know that they are in or too close to light. They don't like the light and will die if left in the sun light too long

Interesting Human Ear Facts: 11-20. 11. Human ears are self-cleaning organs. They produce what is known as ear wax. Medically, ear wax is known as cerumen which is produced by tiny pores present in ear canal. There are tiny hairs in ear canal which are known as cilia. Cilia are responsible pushing the wax out. 12 A single hair strand has a thickness of .016 - .05 mm. 5. Everybody sheds between 40-150 strands of hair per day. 6. Crash dieting can cause temporary hair loss. 7. Hair is made of keratin, like our skin and fingernails. Horns, hooves, claws, feathers, beaks, quills, and baleen are all also made of keratin Weird Facts Most People Don't Know We could all use a little more knowledge—if just to impress the usuals at your local trivia night. From bizarre true stories to weird science to unbelievable tales from the annals of history, here's a huge trove of weird facts that most people don't know The human body has enough fat to produce 7 bars of soap. The human body has over 600 muscles, 40% of the body's weight. The human brain is about 85% water. The largest cell in the human body is the female ovum, or egg cell. It is about 1/180 inch in diameter. The smallest cell in the human body is the male sperm Dragon Ball: 21 Weird Facts About Bulma's Anatomy. Bulma has been along Goku's side from the very start and she's found a way to be valuable in a crisis in other ways than using her fists. By Daniel Kurland Published Oct 23, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment

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Check out these 11 fun facts about hearing: Newborn babies' middle ear is full of fluid and can impair their hearing slightly. A dog's attention level can be determined by noticing their ears. Ears forward means engaged. Pulled back ears means friendly. Your ears don't stop hearing when you sleep; your brain chooses to ignore sound Here are some fun facts about animals that will most likely blow your mind: 15,000-20,000 new animal species are discovered every year. A butterfly has about 12,000 eyes. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. Jellyfish are made up of 95% water. Polar bears touch noses with one another when they greet each other Lobsters do not have any sugars or carbohydrates and provide almost 23% of daily vitamin B-12 needs. Lobsters that are properly cooked and eaten in moderation are excellent for your health. 3. Wild anatomy Lobsters have a really weird anatomy and just a little disclaimer, that what you will read next could gross you out The lengths of the finger bones approximate the ratio of the Fibonacci numbers 2, 3, 5, and 8. Definitions of hand: verb: place into the hands or custody of. noun: ability. noun: a card player in a game of bridge. noun: a hired laborer on a farm or ranch. noun: a member of the crew of a ship

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Foot Fun - Weird Things You Never Knew Each of our feet contain 26 bones - which accounts for 1/4 of the bones in our entire body. When these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. It's also interesting that there are 26 vertebrae in our spine which is the sam 16 Fascinating Facts About the Female Anatomy in 90 Seconds. Because your body really is a wonderland. By The Editors of Women's Health. Jan 7, 2015 You've had them all your life, but how much do. The Creature Feature: 10 Fun Facts About the Fossa. The fossa is Madagascar's top predator, and it looks like a mashup between a cat, a dog, and a mongoose. To revist this. ‎Best Human Body Facts! This cool app gives you tons of fun, odd, weird and awesomely interesting human body facts. Learn the many wonderful functions and intricate organs of the human body. Share these fun and useful tidbits of human anatomy knowledge and trivia with your friends. App Featur Here are some fun facts about the human body that will help your child to think about the human body with a better perspective. 20 Fun Facts about Human Body for Children. Here are 20 human body facts for kids: The human body requires food, air and water. Food provides energy to the body. Air provides oxygen to the body for breathing

Fun Facts About Plant Anatomy. Why is celery crunchy? When we eat a piece of celery, we are eating the stem, or petiole of the plant. (see Fig. 1). The crunchiness of the stalk is due to the types of cells that are contained in celery tissue. Fig. 1 The crunchy part of the celery that we eat is the stem of the plant. Image from Thomé Ready for more weird anatomy-related fun facts about dogs? Dogs have three eyelids in each eye! In addition to a top and bottom lid, they have a nictitating membrane in the corner of their.

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Medical fun-facts h2 Have you ever come across the word q.i.d on a prescription? Another common term on a prescription is b.i.d. You would be amused at their full forms and their meanings. Read on the fun facts and get to what these medical terms mean Interesting Facts on Reproductive System. A female can give birth to about 35 babies in a lifetime. Both the male and female reproductive systems have the ability to produce the smallest (sperm. Dog Anatomy. There are some important facts about the dog anatomy that you, as a responsible dog owner, should be aware of. The truth is that there are some myths out there and some misunderstandings that, in the long run, take their toll on our furry friends. So, check out these basic dog anatomy facts Fun Anatomy Facts. There is an open space between your ovaries and fallopian tubes. This is how ectopic pregnancies happen and that weird phenomenon where the egg implants outside your uterus. Also sperm that makes it up that way naturally will end up in your abdominal cavity. I learned this from my boyfriend while he was studying for his. There are so many other things you can learn about sharks besides these 50 facts. There are some many different varieties, with so many different behaviors, that there is an endless amount you can learn all about sharks! BONUS: 10 Weird Facts About Sharks

16 Unique Facts About 16 Unique Animals. By Frontier Gap. Updated on 11/19/2018 at 11:54 AM HQ, we are fascinated by all things nature, and so we have put together a list of all of the very best and most interesting and downright funny facts about animals we could find. 1. The heart of a shrimp is located in its head Blood is the life-giving fluid that delivers oxygen to the cells of the body. It is a specialized type of connective tissue that consists of red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells suspended in a liquid plasma matrix.. These are the basics, but there are many more surprising facts as well; for example, blood accounts for about 8 percent of your body weight and it contains trace. Add some interesting animal facts into the conversation and our gloomy day instantly becomes brighter. There's no doubt that animals are amazing creatures, each to their own unique behaviors and personalities. We live among them and we treat them as dear companions. Indeed, we can't survive a day without them Below are 10 fun facts about teeth we thought you'd enjoy learning about. The enamel on the top surface on your tooth is the hardest part of your entire body. Teeth start to form even before you are born—milk teeth or baby teeth start to form when the baby is in the womb, but they come through when the child is between 6-12 months old Anatomy Fun Facts. 123 likes. Anatomy Fun Facts -- A page created to feed your mind with factual and significant information about anatomy. Artworks edited @ Piktochart.com References: - Gerard..

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Anatomy Fun Facts. I thought I'd make things more fun and informative today. I've got an ever-growing collection of interesting facts about animals. I try to dig out this sort of trivia for the students we have at the practice observing or doing internships. It's a fun way to stump them and to lighten things up between difficult cases In addition to getting comprehensive answers to all these questions, here you will also learn about the structure, anatomy and functions of the nasal cavity.Lots of interesting facts about nose and nasal cavity are also given. Just read on to discover amazing realities about the nasal passage In this post, we have highlighted basic dog anatomy facts as a means of educating new dog parents as well as any other dog lover on what they ought to know about their pooch's bodies. Let's dive in. 1.Skull . Like in humans, your dog's skull protects his brain. Interestingly, dogs' skulls differ in terms of shapes and sizes

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The ear has many amazing parts helping us hear each day. Join Frankie and Moe as they have fun learning about the anatomy of the ear. Learn how your ears wor.. Fun Facts about Anatomy & Physiology Alan D. Morales, LAT, M.Ed. Athletic Trainer. Skeletal System. A human has a bone just after the spine ends, which helps proves that humans once had tails (possibly). 25% of a humans bones are in its feet. The only bone in the human body not connected to another is the hyoid. The longest bone is FEMUR or THIGH BONE And here's one more fun fact: In 1950, the average gift from the Tooth Fairy was just 25 cents. Today's kids get about $2.00 per tooth. 5. Cleaning between your teeth is just as important as brushing the parts you see. When we brush, we're able to easily reach the tops and sides of our teeth

Do humboldt squids attack humans? - The Super Fins327 best images about Obscure, bizarre, macabre, grotesqueVagina Facts Infographic | POPSUGAR Love & Sex7 Fascinating Facts About FungiThe Funniest Las Vegas Photos Ever (20 PHOTOS)

An average dromedary camel can stand 7.2 to 11.2 feet tall and weigh around 880 to 1,320 pounds. An average adult bactrian, on the other hand, can be about 10 to 11.5 feet long and weigh anywhere between 990 to 1,100 pounds .; A female camel is called 'cow,' while a male camel is called 'bull. In celebration of National Pet Dental Health Month coming up in February, here area few fun facts about your pet's mouth! Dogs and cats have a full set of baby teeth that are replaced with adult teeth, just like humans! Dogs have 42 permanent adult teeth; cats have 30. Periodontal disease (teeth/gums) is the [